The first visit after giving birth

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The first visit after giving birth

In the first weeks following the birth, in addition to dedicating herself to the newborn, the woman must get in confidence with its "new" body: welcome i changes and listen to them problems, to then address them during the first visit medical health insurance or a 'midwife who will be able to guide you in this enriching but not always easy phase of self rediscovery. We talk about it with the doctor , gynecologist at the Department for Women, Mother and Newborn of the ASST Fatebenefratelli Sacco, directed by the professor .

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The first visit after childbirth: when it should be done

"The first postpartum visit usually takes place after 40 days. Of course, it can be anticipated in case of need, by evaluating individual situations ".

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What's it about

"It can consist of a visit midwife or medical, based on the experience and birth of the woman. If the birth was caesarean o medicalized you do one medical examination with surgical evaluation or problems arising from any intervention. If the birth was physiological a visit is possible midwife, which will assess the situation of the pelvic floor and welfare of the woman as a whole ".

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The first visit after natural childbirth

"In the 40 days following the birth, the new mother must to listen his body and understand how it is Changing. In fact, in post partum, the knowledge that a woman naturally has of her own body does modification, and you have to take some consciousness. It is necessary to learn to recognize the pelvic floor, understand what it is anatomical change following vaginal delivery. All this not only with regard to, for example, the urination, but also with respect to the sexual sphere: for centuries, in the past, women have been "silenced" on this subject, which was perceived as a kind of taboo, as if it were not important. On the contrary, immediately after giving birth it is fundamental a rediscovery of your body, from all points of view. We must learn to understand which ones changes physiological go accepted and which ones may require a rehabilitation intervention or otherwise. All this, today, is faced in the first visit after childbirth, to which the woman must arrive, precisely, with the right awareness, in order to make the most of it. The puerpera will also be able to talk about how she relates to her family progression deso, so if she thinks she wants to stay again pregnant or if you want to choose the contraception, and what kind ".

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The first visit after the caesarean section

"The Caesarean section in itself is a surgery, so even if it's not mandatory, one is recommended medical-surgical evaluation as the first visit after childbirth. The goal is to observe the physiological recovery area of abdominal wall and the regularity of the healing. Then we proceed with the same assessments that are made following a physiological birth. The woman who has had a caesarean section will have to explain the reason for which it was executed: sometimes it can be para-physiological, at other times linked to motivations urgent or again for one pathology maternal neonatal. In this way it will be possible to better understand the state of overall well-being of the woman. The doctor who will follow you during this visit will also be able to recommend some to the new mother phisical exercises and correct dynamics to help the rehabilitation complete abdominal wall ".

The interviewee

is a surgeon specialist in gynecology and obstetrics. Today he holds the role of medical director at the Vittore Buzzi hospital in our city and is responsible for the fourth quarter space at the Buzzi hospital. She is an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) professional lactation consultant.

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