The flu has passed: when can the child go back to school?

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After a flu when to send the child back to school?

When to go back to school when the flu has passed? The advice is: on the benches after at least one to two days without fever. The baby can then return when he has recovered. As for nutrition: better light and 'without forcing' until the appetite returns by itself.

In some situations, however, they are necessary precise periods of convalescence, also to avoid the contagion of other children (as in the case of exanthematic diseases or Covid-19).

If the child is small?

For the little ones, on the other hand, it is prudent to wait a little longer, about 2-3 days if possible, because the viral infection is a moment in which the immune defenses are lowered and this makes especially the little ones more vulnerable, who have a immune system not yet fully developed, and for this reason in the days immediately following the flu they are more receptive to new infections, especially if, as often happens, parents, due to work commitments, bring their children back to kindergarten when they are not yet completely healed.

In short, it is better to be patient a few more days but to avoid relapses.

What if the child has had a gastrointestinal virus?

After an infectious episode it is easy for the child to appear debilitated and inappetent, especially if it was a gastrointestinal virus, which led to vomiting and diarrhea. How to behave?

In this case, the infectious episode can be considered concluded when the child returns to food with the same desire as before and it usually takes a little more patience. In fact, even when the acute phase is over, there is always a little bit of it for a few days nausea and abdominal pain, therefore it is important not to force him to eat, because excessive eating could prolong the duration of these ailments. Nor do you need to worry if after a few days of fasting he will inevitably appear more 'wasted' and will have lost some weight: children recover in a short time as soon as their appetite returns and start eating normally again.

The importance of liquids

What you must not miss in this phase are the liquids - and possibly some rehydrating solution if the pediatrician estimates that he has lost several - and light foods to his liking; but if he says enough, we don't insist. Only if after a few days he still appears a little weak could it be useful to help him with some multivitamin supplements.

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