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What temperature to keep in the house? There ideal temperature to keep at home when there are babies and children (and not only!) is around 20 °, with a range between 18 and 22 °. In addition to an economic and environmental pollution issue, it is also a health issue. "Children kept at very high temperatures are more prone to respiratory infections" says Alessandra Marchesi, pediatrician at the Bambin Gesù Children's Hospital of the city. "The first respiratory tract is in fact made up of cells in the shape of cilia which, as they move, prevent the entry of germs like scavengers. The excessive cold but also the very sudden changes in temperature slow down and block the movement of the eyelashes, preventing them to carry out their task properly and thus favoring the entry of viruses and bacteria. If, on the other hand, you get used to more moderate temperatures, when you move outside the house the passage is less abrupt and the eyelashes continue to "work" effectively".

The ideal temperature: around 20 degrees.

The right temperature in the bedroom

Excessive heat has been shown to promote the risk of SIDS, the cot death syndrome that can affect infants in the first months of life. For this reason, a temperature of about 18 ° is sufficient in his bedroom, and in any case not higher than 20 degrees. "A cooler temperature also allows the baby to breathe and therefore to rest better" adds the pediatrician.

To summarize, therefore, 18 ° C is sufficient in the bedroom because:

  • he rests better
  • you breathe better
  • SIDS risk decreases
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Heat in the house and risks for children allergic to mold and mites

A very hot house is also more prone to mold formation. If it is very cold outside and there is excessive heat inside, the humidity present inside condenses and causes mold to form in correspondence with the coldest walls, for example those facing north. And this can cause problems for children who are allergic to mold or predisposed to allergies, causing respiratory disorders such as rhinitis and asthma.

The same goes for children allergic to mites, who find their ideal habitat where there are high temperatures and a humidity level of over 50%.

Change the air several times a day and avoid humidifiers

Another mistake that is often made in winter is to keep the windows closed so as not to blow away the heat of the house. It is good instead air the various rooms several times a day, to circulate the air and reduce the humidity.

At the same time, it is good to avoid the use of humidifiers: to maintain the right level of humidity and not excessively dry the air in the house, it is sufficient not to overheat the rooms!

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