The importance of sleep in children: 8 things to know

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Sleep is important

Il sonno it is a fundamental moment in the day of any individual, but if for an adult man the chores of life can affect the quality of rest without serious consequences (unless this condition lasts for a long time), when speaking of children the time of bed must remain a sacred and inviolable fixed point: whatever happens, the little ones need to get enough sleep.

In fact, "sleeping well" is not a comfort or a whim of hyper-protective modernity towards children, but a primary need inherent in the nature of any growing subject.

So here's a Decalogue of information from the WebMD site to keep in mind to protect the rest of our children.


When we sleep our brain continues to process information "stored" throughout the day and strengthens i synaptic connections (the "communicators" of neurons). This operation, especially in the growth phase, promotes and stimulates learning some children. In addition, a well rested body will be more careful the next day at school!


Based on age, a boy or a girl must be guaranteed at least a certain number of hours of sleep. A baby, for example, needs 11-14 hours of sleep a day, almost like a 3-4 year old, who needs to rest for at least 11-13 hours. From 6 to 13 years, a sleep of 9-11 hours is recommended, while for older children the bar is lowered to 8-10 hours per night.


But if the little one gets enough sleep at night, then he doesn't have to the nap? Absolutely not. The nap, up to a certain age (5-6 years), is almost a must. Obviously with increasing age the need for an afternoon nap decreases more and more, which indeed it can become an obstacle to night sleep: if a 14-year-old boy sleeps too much in the afternoon, in the evening he will find it very difficult to fall asleep at an acceptable time.


What foods and habits help (or disrupt) sleep?

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Sleep is a fundamental moment for our health: what to take and what to avoid to ensure a good rest? From WebMD, the portal of American doctors, advice for a really sleep ...


 Andare a nanna it doesn't have to be a constraint. To instill in the little ones the pleasure of going to bed, we can help them with small rituals like a relaxing bath or the classic bedtime story. However, tablets, smartphones and video games have been abolished: the lights of the devices over-stimulate the baby's eyes and brain, thus preventing him from falling asleep comfortably.


 Similar speech for adolescents, for whom going to bed on time is certainly a much more difficult challenge. In fact, even here the secret can be hidden in make the sleeping environment as conducive to sleep as possible: few sources of lights and noises, technological appliances turned off, no unpleasant smells or rubbish swallowed before going to bed.


 School hours, especially for those who are not lucky enough to live near their school, can mean daily early morning. Some think that delaying the start of lessons would improve the performance of many students, but it is also true that many generations of students have done themselves honor simply by learning to manage the hours of sleep!
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An attentive parent can easily tell if their child has a good relationship with sleep. The simple fact of not having to throw him out of bed every morning it means the boy slept right. Other signs may be school attention or lack of propensity for the aforementioned afternoon naps.


Sometimes the lack of rest is not due to bad habits, but to real ones medical conditions to keep under control. If the small Russian or has difficulty in breathing while asleep you may suffer from apnea. Also constant nightmares, sleepwalking and frequently wet beds they may be signs of discomfort to be investigated with the help of specialists.

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