The last weeks before giving birth

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The last weeks before giving birth

Le last weeks before delivery are a period sensitive, during which women spontaneously pose amore attention to own body and movements of the fetus. The secret to feeling good is to follow one regular lifestyle without upsetting their habits: when the time of birth approaches, the contractions they will show it unequivocally. Let's talk about it in more depth with Valentina Marcon, midwife of the Department for Women and Newborns of the ASST Fatebenefratelli Sacco, directed by the professor .

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  • When does the term phase start?
  • Exams and checks
  • When to go to the hospital
  • Fetal movements
  • Symptoms of approaching childbirth
  • Tips for psycho-physical well-being

When does the term phase start?

"Every mother during her pregnancy is informed about the estimated date of delivery. Being assumed, it is not an "expiration" date, but arough indication which helps us identify a period of 5 settimane, From 37esima to the 42esima of pregnancy, defined precisely at term. In these 5 weeks, every moment is good for the process of the delivery. For this reason, the taking charge of the hospital of reference, which the woman has chosen as the place of birth ".

The last weeks before giving birth: what tests and checks should be done?

"At the end of pregnancy, the woman is normally taken care of from the birth point that she has chosen as the place of birth. The first check-up is scheduled between the 38th and 39th week of pregnancy. The woman goes to the dedicated clinic carrying all the documentation relating to pregnancy and during the appointment you set a custom route with all subsequent checks ".

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When should I go to the hospital outside the scheduled checks?

"In the last weeks of pregnancy the woman must pay particular attention to the movement of the child. Over the course of the day there should be at least 10 movements of the fetus, but the advice is to refer to what has been learned in the previous months in order to notice any anomalies. In the presence of signs that modify the normals habits of the child, it is good to go to the hospital. For example, movements less frequent o less intense. We must then pay attention to all symptoms that the body shows us: the pressure it must be normal, obviously the temperature too, and so on. In case of general malaise it is better to go to the hospital, unless the symptoms are mild for which you can safely contact the general practitioner. As regards the losses, in the presence of losses of blood o liquid it is good to do controllare".

What movements should the baby make in the last few weeks before delivery?

"There are no particular indications. The fetus it does not appear to the mother more agitated than usual. Assuming that everything is fine, the little head will already be facing down. The children continue to move regularly even in the last few weeks. During labor they make many movements to adapt to space, but they are not perceived by the mother in a distinct way from normal fetal movements ".

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What are the symptoms of approaching childbirth?

Small changes like:

  • slowing of digestion
  • decreased sense of hunger
  • sleep disruption
  • lumbar pain or weight, back, belly, lower limbs

Most obvious symptom? The contractions.

"The most obvious symptom is the contractions. The onset of contractions will be accompanied by many others small changes, such as slowdown  area of digestion, drop of sense of fame, interruptions of sonno, pain or weight lumbar, To back, To belly, in the lower limbs. However, what most of all arouses the attention of the mother are precisely the contractions. There is no mistaking it: it is not a sudden symptom, they are small signals that add up and increase giving the time to the mother of realize that the pregnancy is coming to an end ".

The last weeks before giving birth: tips for psycho-physical well-being

"We start from the assumption that childbirth is a normal physiological event. The woman must continue hers lifestyle, with an eye on health and enhancing i positive behaviors. Important is the regularity of rhythms. There is scientific evidence that one state of emotional well-being is physically related to a hormonal balance more stable and better. A good emotional balance at term of pregnancy certainly has apositive influence. Therefore, everything that helps to enhance a woman's state of well-being is certainly helpful. For example, practice yoga, meditate, listen to music, indulge in a massage. Each woman will know how to choose what she wants sounds better, and which can contribute to the relaxation of the mind and body ".

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Does a woman need a lot of sleep before giving birth?

"No more than normal. The woman must keep hers regular rhythms, follow a healthy lifestyle, listen to his body. But it is not necessary for you to sleep more hours, unless you feel a specific need ".

The interviewee

Valentina Marcon she is part of the team of the Women's Mother Newborn Department of the ASST Fatebenefratelli Sacco. She is a midwife at the Buzzi hospital in our city, she takes care of delivery room service and birth accompaniment courses.

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