The list for the hospital: what to pack for the birth

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The suitcase for the birth, the list for the hospital

When the end of the pregnancy, anxiety begins to rise and so does the desire and desire not to be caught unprepared. For this it is advisable to prepare in time and already some time before estimated date of delivery prepare the suitcase for the hospital.

But what to put inside? There is a list for the hospital? "Each hospital generally provides a specific list to the pregnant woman, but there are still rules valid for everyone that allow the new mother to better enjoy the birth and the following days" she explains , gynecologist in our city.

The one we propose below, from the clinic in our city, can still be useful to make you understand what you have to put in the suitcase to take to the hospital at the time of delivery.


Have you packed your suitcase for the hospital?

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Avoid taking your whole house or Sex & the city style wardrobe with you. Just a small bag that fits in the hospital locker. Here's what you and your baby on the way need ....

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  • Childbirth suitcase: what to put inside 
  • 1. For the newborn
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Childbirth suitcase: what to put inside

«The rule, both for the mother and for the newborn, is that of bring a little bit of everything and not to rely too much on the climate, because in the hospital the temperature is often altered by strong heating or, on the contrary, by strong air conditioning ».

When to prepare the suitcase for the birth?

There is no certain answer, there are those who recommend start preparing it from the seventh month, who when you enter the last month of pregnancy.

«Generally it is advisable to do it around 36 37-weeks, so that it is close to the end, but not too close, ”comments the doctor.

1. For the newborn

The new born will need one or two complete changes per day, «better to opt for one "onion" clothing in order to be able to remove or add layers according to the temperature of the rooms. On the other hand, there is no need for diapers or hygiene products which are usually given by the hospital ». It is therefore advisable to have with you:

  • 3 rompers with long sleeves
  • 3 rompers with short sleeves
  • 6 short-sleeved cotton bodysuits
  • 6 pairs of cotton socks
  • a cover
  • a hat that will be used in the moment of "skin-to-skin"

«We do not recommend bringing pacifiers or bottles, to encourage correct initiation of breastfeeding in the first days of birth ".

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2. For mom

During hospitalization it is best to "avoid carrying valuables, a lot of money or bulky luggage." For the mother it is useful to bring:

  • Beauty case with personal hygiene products (detergent, toothbrush, toothpaste)
  • Towels
  • Disposable mesh briefs
  • Absorbents
  • Nightdresses or pajamas open on the front, comfortable for breastfeeding and for the various visits to which you will have to undergo
  • Nightie
  • Rubber slippers for the shower
  • 3-4 pairs of cotton socks
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3. Exams

«The expectant mother must also prepare the folder with the exams made during the pregnancy. At hand it is better to have the medical records made by the treating gynecologist and the latest blood tests, together with the examinations and ultrasound scans made during pregnancy, in chronological order ». Inside, put:

  • Blood group
  • Possible Coombs test
  • All blood and urine tests performed, including immunological tests (rubeotest, toxotest, hepatitis screening)
  • Ultrasounds performed
  • Vaginal swab
  • Possible anesthetic record

Prepare for childbirth

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You are almost there: there are a few weeks left to the birth of your baby and it seems to you that time is flying by. You have already prepared the suitcase for the hospital, but there are still many things to do ....

4. Documents

  • identity card
  • fiscal Code
  • health insurance card

It is important to bring your personal documents with you, original and not expired in order to be able to proceed without problems to hospitalization and, subsequently, to the declaration of birth.

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Questions and answers

What should a nursing bra be like?

A good nursing bra must have some characteristics: the cup must be deep, because it must be comfortable but also because it must contain the nursing cups, useful in case a little comes out.

How to choose the bodysuit for the child?

It is advisable to choose a short-sleeved bodysuit version whatever the season and to opt exclusively for 100% cotton bodysuits, preferably white.  

Can I ask for music in the delivery room?

Sometimes in the delivery room they have the opportunity to broadcast music and play those songs that accompanied you and your baby during pregnancy: find out about this possibility.

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