The massages indicated during pregnancy

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Massages indicated during pregnancy

A moment of relaxation, a small wellness break, a cuddle sometimes capable of alleviating some minor ailments due to pregnancy: this is what a massage can be during the nine months of waiting and what are the massages indicated during pregnancy.

Some are particularly suitable. Let's see what it is, but always with a general precaution: warn the therapist of the sweet state, so that he can modulate the manipulations accordingly.

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Lymphatic drainage

It is a therapeutic massage technique based on a series of light, slow and repeated manipulations, which stimulate the flow of lymph, to emasculate the stagnation of liquids. "It is a treatment indicated during pregnancy, since the increase in estrogen and the weight of the belly naturally favor the stagnation of liquids and therefore the formation of edema, that is swelling" explains Patrizia Piersini, aesthetic doctor in Turin.

The benefit?

Better circulation and a wonderful sense of lightness in the legsand, especially in summer, when the heat causes vasodilation which accentuates swelling. However, it must be said that the benefit is generally only temporary.

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Oriental massage technique based on more or less intense pressure on the body performed mainly with fingers and hands. "It can be practiced safely even during pregnancy with some warnings" explains Eleonora Morici, professional Shiatsu operator at the Thanka Studio in Senigallia. In particular, "must avoid treating certain areas, such as the reflex points of some abdominal organs that could induce premature labor, or the bladder point, located in the outer corner of the last toe, as it could cause the fetus to spin. In fact, for this very reason it can be stimulated in an attempt to overturn a breech baby in the last few weeks ”.

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Ayurvedic massage

Gentle massage technique that helps to relax body and mind. "It can be done safely during pregnancy, although as a precaution it is often preferred wait until the end of the first quarter"says Silvana Bozzi, expert operator in oriental massages at the Kara Center in Ancona." In addition, it is good avoid massaging the energy points related to the uterus. Since there are specific techniques for pregnant and post-partum women, it is always good to inform the operator of your condition ".

The benefits?

"In addition to instilling great relaxation, Ayurvedic massage releases muscle tension related to postural changes and improves circulation, helping to drain liquids".

To facilitate the sliding of the hands, an oil - typically sesame or almond oil - is used while in pregnancy it is better avoid essential oils, which have a high absorption and could reach the fetus. Only a few are safe (lavender, lemon, neroli, rose), but if in doubt it is best to avoid.

The massages indicated during pregnancy

The massages indicated during pregnancy

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Foot reflexology

Technique that provides the microstimulation of precise points on the palms of the hands or the soles of the feet, assuming that these points correspond to the various organs of the body.

"It is a massage that requires a lot of expertise, because the reflex points are often so close that it is easy to 'cross over'. Furthermore, during pregnancy the manipulations must always be very delicate, more like touching than real pressure. Even with reflexology. it is appropriate wait until the end of the first quarter".

The benefits

There are no specific studies on the real benefit in pregnancy, but it is believed that it can help alleviate various ailments of the nine months - nausea, digestive problems, constipation, sciatica, circulatory problems - and reduce any uterine hypercontractility. "In addition, it helps to unload the nervous system, calming anxieties and tensions"Bozzi points out.

Anti-cellulite massage

It can be done with the classic tricks, such as more delicate manipulations. "To increase the effectiveness of the massage, you can use them specific cosmetics"suggests Piersini:" In pregnancy they are excellent ingredients that help strengthen the microcirculation and drain liquids, such as aescin, sweet clover, ruscus, blueberry, horse chestnut, or substances that increase the elasticity of the skin, such as boswelic acid. Instead, no to active ingredients such as mud, algae, fucus, iodine, which can alter thyroid metabolism, or caffeine, which could have a stimulating effect on the fetus. "


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