The massages to avoid in the nine months: which ones are contraindicated

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Massage contraindicated in pregnancy

A good massage can give the expectant mother a moment of well-being and sweetness. So why not? With some minimal precautions, many types of massages can be performed while waiting, at most waiting for the completion of the first trimester for extreme safety. But there are gods massage contraindicated in pregnancy, techniques that are best avoided in pregnancy. "These are techniques based on the use of tools instead of hands, such as mechanical lymphatic drainage, or those that involve the use of ultrasounds" clarifies the gynecologist Valentina , a freelance expert in high-risk pregnancies and natural medicine. We see.

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1. Cavitation

Rising to the fore in recent years, it is a technique that consists in passing a probe on the adipose tissue that emits low-frequency ultrasounds capable of imploding the fat cells, the adipocytes, releasing precisely the fats contained within them, which are then disposed of through the lymphatic circulation. "On the harmlessness of this method opinions are conflicting and studies on the subject are still few. Precisely for this reason it is absolutely inadvisable both during pregnancy and breastfeeding "emphasizes Patrizia Piersini, aesthetic doctor of Turin." The fear is that ultrasounds can also spread to tissues far from those treated, perhaps even reaching the abdomen and the fetus. In addition, waste is circulated, albeit temporarily, which can reach the baby or pass into the milk ".

Not only that: "It should also be remembered that pregnancy is not, however, the best time to intervene on any accumulation of fat", he stresses. "It is true that women, who see their image altered in the mirror, can be annoying, but in the end they are nothing but the fat reserves that the body sets aside to prepare for breastfeeding. If there are a few extra pounds, this is more than ever the time to focus on a balanced diet and some physical movement, for example swimming, rather than intervening with beauty treatments. "

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2. Pressotherapy

La pressoterapia is a mechanical lymphatic drainage that is carried out wearing particular leggings that inflate and deflate sequentially from the foot to the groin to improve lymphatic and venous circulation.

"In pregnancy, manual lymphatic drainage is preferable to pressure therapy" advises Dr. Piersini: "In fact, pressure therapy uses standardized leggings, valid for everyone - even if the new models use more chambers that exert different pressures from the ankle to the thighs - while with the manual lymphatic drainage the operator first evaluates the venous situation of the pregnant woman, analyzing if edema or telangiectasias are present, then personalizes the treatment according to individual needs. treatment is always pleasant and never painful or harmful ".


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3. Endermologie

It is a mechanical massage that uses a manipulator equipped with rollers that 'knead' the skin, reactivating circulation and facilitating the redistribution of subcutaneous fat. “If used incorrectly, the device can cause the capillaries to break, which in pregnancy are already more fragile due to the particular hormonal situation and the obstacle posed by the belly” emphasizes Patrizia Piersini. "Furthermore, it could be too invasive and cause damage to the connective tissue, with the result of accentuating the very mattress aspect that one would like to eliminate".

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