The Montessori learning tower: what it is and what it is for


The learning tower

One of the basic principles of the Montessori method is to teach the child to do as much as possible by himself in order to become, as he grows, more and more independent.

It is an essential gym for learning autonomy imitating mom and dad in daily chores, especially those that take place in the kitchen: peel a carrot, cut a courgette, wash the salad, set the table ...

By the way, these activities are not only very useful for autonomy, but also for develop dexterity, fine motor skills and to improve the cognitive abilities of children.

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Therefore it is very important that parents encourage the child's natural desire to do small housework. Often, however, there are objective impediments: the child does not reach the sink, the table is too high, standing on the chair is dangerous ... and so we prefer to avoid having him do it, losing an important opportunity for growth.


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Cooking is one of the practical activities considered by the pedagogist Maria Montessori to be very important for the development of the child. Cut a fruit, prepare a juice, wash ...

That's why the Learning Tower was born. It has become very fashionable in the United States and Canada in recent years, it is a practical tool to help children reach places in the house that otherwise would be out of their reach and allows them to observe, play and experience the world at the height of adults.

How it is made?

In practice it is a ladder with a safety railing on top which prevents the baby from falling. Also it must be light, the material should be wood, so that the little one can move it by himself.

The tower can be used already from 18 months upwards. And you can buy it on the Internet or build it by following one of the tutorials found on the web.

And it must always be used under surveillance of a great.


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