The most beautiful phrases about children and dogs

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Among the children and dogs there is a particular and unique bond, which does not need explanations to exist.
A dog is a faithful friend and playmate for children, able to establish a true and sincere friendship with them.

We have collected the most beautiful phrases about the relationship between children and dogs.


Children and dogs, the most beautiful photos

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The most beautiful phrases about dogs

"Dogs are not everything in life, but they fill our existence" (R. Caras)

"Look your dog in the eye and try again to assert that animals don't have souls." (V. Hugo)

"The only place in the world where you can meet a man worthy of the name is the gaze of a dog." (of the city in Gary)

"Anyone who hasn't had a dog doesn't know what it means to be loved." (Arthur Schopenhauer)

“For the dog, man represents what God should be. (Holbrook Jakson)

Phrases of friendship between dogs and children

"Give a child a dog and you will get him a faithful and loyal playmate." (B. Braley)

"Dachshunds are the ideal dogs for small children: they are already so long that no child can harm them in any way." (R. Charles Benchley)

“The fear that a dog could harm a child is outright ridiculous; much more justified, if anything, is the opposite concern, that is, that the dog lets itself be too badly scrambled by children, thus helping to educate them to a total lack of regard for him ». (K. Lorenz)

"A dog's fidelity teaches us that friendship can last forever ..." (taken from the film Hachiko)

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Funny phrases about dogs and children

"Children and dogs are as necessary to the well-being of the country as Wall Street and the railroad." (H. Spencer Truman)

«The dog was created especially for children. He is the god of entertainment. "(H. Ward Beecher)

"In the beginning God created man, but seeing him so weak he gave him the dog." (A. Toussenel)

"I've already seen beaten dogs and children trying to save them ... It always ends badly!" (Tchéky Karyo - César)

"The dog is that thing halfway between an angel and a child." (A. de Curtis aka Totò)

"A dog has the soul of a philosopher." (Plato)

«The choice of the owner by a good dog is a magnificent and mysterious phenomenon. With surprising rapidity, often in a very few days, a bond is established that is far more solid than all ». (Konrad Lorenz).

"Affection for a dog gives man great strength." (Seneca).

“He doesn't care to ask himself if you are right or wrong; he does not care if you are lucky or not, if you are rich or poor, educated or ignorant, saint or sinner. You are his companion and that is enough for him. He will be beside you to comfort you, protect you and give his life if necessary for you. He will be faithful to you in fortune as in misery. He is the dog ». (JK Jerome).

"The dog is the most faithful friend, the first to welcome, the most important to defend". (Lord Byron)

«The soul of a faithful dog goes to Heaven to reach the being it loves». (J. Moinaut).


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Phrases for dogs that are no longer there

“Dogs' life is too short. This is their only real fault. "
(Agnes Sligh Turnbull)

"If there are no animals in Heaven, when I die I want to go where they went." (W. Rogers)

"And the ancient friendship, the joy of being a dog and of being a man transformed into a single animal that walks moving six legs and a tail soaked in dew". (P. Neruda)

'The dog is a gentleman. I hope to go to his paradise, not that of men. " (Mark Twain)

"It is always said that for how many splendid and happy years a dog can live you know that one day, the one in which he will die, your dog will break your heart". (James Herriot)

«The love of the dog for its master is known; and everyone knows that in the agony of death he caresses his master ». (Charles Darwin)

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