The most beautiful phrases of Shakespeare

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Even though William Shakespeare wrote over 400 years ago, we continue to use words and phrases found in his sonnets and plays today. You may be quoting Shakespeare without knowing it! So let's see the most beautiful and romantic phrases.

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Shakespeare phrases: love

  • Love does not look with the eyes but with the mind and therefore the winged Cupid is painted blindfolded.
    (A Midsummer Night's Dream)
  • When it is true love, even the most banal of suspicions is frightening; and if fear grows, love follows it, burning up impetuously.
  • Love is a vaporous mist formed by sighs; if it dissolves, it is fire that sparkles and sparkles in the eyes of lovers; it is hindered, it is a sea fed by the tears of the lovers themselves. What else is it? A secret madness, gall that strangles and sweetness that heals. (Romeo and Juliet)
  • Who ever loved who didn't love at first sight? (As you like)
  • The course of true love has never gone smoothly. (A Midsummer Night's Dream)
  • Love is blind and lovers cannot see the pleasant follies they commit. (Romeo and Juliet)
  • Love, as I think, and the ingenuity of an awkward language, even without speaking, can mean a lot. (A Midsummer Night's Dream)
  • I have learned that I cannot demand anyone's love. I can only give them good reasons to like me and wait for life to do the rest.
  • Love runs to meet love with the joy with which schoolchildren run away from their books; but the love that must separate from love has the sad face of schoolchildren when they go back to school. (Romeo and Juliet)
  • A collapsed, rebuilt love grows strong, bigger than before. (Sonnet 119)
  • This is the ecstasy of love. (Hamlet)
  • Speak softly if you speak of love. (Much Ado About Nothing)
  • Sweet is the dawn that enlightens lovers.
  • Violent joys have a violent end, and they die in their triumph, like fire and gunpowder, which are consumed at the first kiss. The most exquisite honey becomes cloying by its very sweetness, and you just have to taste it to get rid of it. Therefore she loves moderately: love that lasts does so. (Romeo and Juliet)
  • Or, a kiss, as long as my exile, as sweet as my revenge.
  • He who sows love reaps happiness.
  • Love is not subject to Time, even if rosy lips and cheeks must fall under its curved blade.
  • Being wise and loving exceeds the capabilities of man.
  • Just as doves are pecked, one would like to nibble the newlyweds.
  • More than a good hanging prevents a bad marriage.
  • Journeys end where lovers meet.
  • A true love cannot speak.
  • Men always die and worms destroy them, but love is not destroyed.Cleopatra: "If it really is love, tell me how much it is." : "What can be measured is a miserable love". Cleopatra: "I want to set a limit up to which to be loved". : "Then you will have to discover a new heaven, a new earth". (and Cleopatra)
  • Is love a tender thing? It's too rough, too brutal, too harsh, and it stings like a thorn. (Romeo and Juliet)
  • Love goes towards love. (Romeo and Juliet)
  • From now on you call me "Love", and I will no longer be Romeo for you, because you will have renamed me. (Romeo and Juliet)
  • If you don't remember that Love ever made you commit the smallest folly, then you didn't love. (As you like)
  • Beware of jealousy, my lord! It is a green-eyed monster that makes fun of the flesh it feeds on. Blessed lives that cuckold who, aware of his fate, does not love the woman who betrays him: but oh! How count the minutes of his damnation who loves and suspects; he suspects and pines for love! (Othello)
  • Oh what a powerful love! That sometimes makes a man a beast, and other times, a beast a man.
  • Love looks not with the eyes but with the soul. (A Midsummer Night's Dream)
  • Love is not Love if it changes when it discovers a change or tends to vanish when the other moves away (Sonnet 116)
  • Love, love madly, love as much as you can and if they tell you it is sin, love your sin and you will be innocent. (Romeo and Juliet)
  • See how she rests her cheek on his hand: Oh, could I be the glove of that hand and so be able to touch that cheek! (Romeo and Juliet)

Shakespeare phrases: life

  • As long as we can say: "this is the worst", it means that the worst can still come.
    (Re Lear)
  • The fidgeting man makes the angels laugh out loud.
  • Do you want to be similar to the nature of the gods? Be merciful to animals - sweet mercy is the true sign of nobility.
  • When we strive for the best, we often ruin what is good.
  • There is no profit where there is no pleasure. (The Taming of the Shrew)
  • The thought of death is like a mirror, in which life is appearance, short as a sigh. Trusting it is a mistake.(Pericles, the prince of Tire)
  • I'd rather have to go back to healing my wounds than hearing how I received them. (Coriolanus)
  • Nothing has been achieved, everything is wasted, when our deso is satisfied without joy. Better to be what we destroy than to pursue doubtful joy with destruction. (Macbeth)
  • They want me to be whipped if I tell the truth. You want me to be whipped if I tell the lie: it turns out that one day I will be frustrated because I shut up. (Re Lear)
  • We do not appreciate the value of what we have while we enjoy it, but as soon as we lose it and miss it, we overestimate it, and find in it the value that possession made invisible, until it was ours.
  • Man has to endure his leaving from here, as well as coming there. Maturity is everything.
  • Courage arises on occasion.
  • What you ardently crave you would like to obtain in a holy way: you do not want to cheat, but you would accept to win by deceit.
  • Death, this proud sergeant, is severe in his custody.
  • We will laugh at the golden butterflies. (Re Lear)
  • How often men were cheerful just before they died!
  • Every effort that is grateful to us has its remedy with it.
  • Blow out, blow out short candle! Life is nothing but a walking shadow, a poor comedian who struts and agitates, on the stage of the world, for the time of him, and then no one talks about it anymore; a tale told by an idiot, full of noise and fury, which means nothing.
  • It is said that he who is so young and wise dies young.
  • There is no beast so ferocious that it does not have a shred of pity. But I don't have any, so I'm not a beast.
  • It is proven that humility always served as a ladder to ambition when this is young, and whoever climbs always turns his face to it; but then, having reached the last step, he turns his back to the ladder, and looks up disdainfully at the humble steps by which he has climbed up there.
  • Every guilt seems monstrous until another guilt arrives to be its companion.

Shakespeare phrases: women

  • For all the violence consumed on her,
    for all the humiliations he has suffered,
    for his body that you have exploited,
    for his intelligence that you have trampled on,
    for the ignorance in which you left her,
    for the freedom you denied her,
    for the mouth that you have closed,
    for its wings that you have clipped,
    for all of this:
    on your feet, gentlemen, in front of a Woman!
  • O tiger heart in a woman's skin. (Henry VI)
  • The women speak two languages, one of which is verbal.
  • Hell is never more unleashed than an offended woman.
  • A dishonest woman is not a woman. (Pericles, the prince of Tire)
  • Is there no way men exist without women working half a day?
  • If kisses were the only pleasure bed can give, a woman would always want another woman to marry.
  • Make sure your loved one is younger than you, or your affection for her won't last.
  • A married young man is a ruined man.
  • Is it possible that modesty seduces our senses more than woman's lightness?
  • The poisoned clamor of a jealous woman is more deadly than the teeth of a hydrophobic dog. (Comedy of errors)
  • You are all ice; your kindness chills.
  • A beautiful and stupid woman has never been seen before.
  • Men are like April when they court, December when they are married; women are May when they are girls, but the sky changes when they have become wives.
  • Should all those who have misled wives despair, a good tenth of humanity should be hanged. (As you like)
  • Which author in the world can teach you beauty as a woman's gaze? (Love pains lost)
  • Is it possible that modesty seduces our senses more than woman's lightness?
  • Fragility, your name is woman.
  • The woman came out of the man's rib, not from the feet to be trampled, not from the head to be superior but from the side, to be equal, under the arm to be protected, next to the heart to be loved.  

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