The most beautiful phrases to dedicate to a future dad

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The phrases to dedicate to a future dad

Becoming a dad it is an important goal, which also involves changes and new responsibilities, but it is also and above all a moment of immense joy.

If your friend or relative is going to become a dad, try to celebrate him by dedicating a special thought, a phrase or a poem that can make him understand that you are happy for him.

Here the most beautiful phrases for future dads that we have selected for you.

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  • Phrases for a pregnant dad
  • Poems dedicated to the father
  • Letter from a newborn to his father
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Phrases for a pregnant dad

  • Best wishes to the future dad! The birth of a child is a blessing from God. 
  • A little ray of sunshine will come into your life in the form of a baby: best wishes to the new dad!
  • To the future dad, our best wishes from the bottom of my heart for the arrival of your little fruit of love.
  • "Any man can be a father. It takes a special person to be a father." (Giorgio Manfrin)
  • "A father gives you his life, he feeds you, he takes care of you with his immense love. A father gives himself for your love". (Egyptian Russian)
  • "A father's heart is the masterpiece of nature". (Antoine François Prévost)
  • "I learned that when a newborn first squeezes his father's finger in his little fist, he has captured him forever." (Gabriel García Márquez)
  • "A father is better than a hundred teachers". (George Herbert)
  • Right after God, Dad comes. (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
  • It is not difficult to become a father. Being a father: this is difficult. Wilhelm Busch

Poems dedicated to the father

"Father, even if ..."

by Camillo Sbarbaro

Father, if you weren't mine too
father, even if you were a stranger to me,
for yourself, equally I would love you.
Because I remember a winter morning
that the first violates on the opposite
wall you discovered from your window
and you gave us the cheerful news.
Then the wooden ladder removed from the shoulder
you left the house and leaned it against the wall.
We little ones stood at the window.

And I remember that other time
that my sister, my little one,
through the house you pursued threatening.
(the stubborn one did I don't know what)
But we reached her screaming loudly
from fear, your heart was missing:
that you saw you chasing yours
little daughter and, all frightened,
you wavering drew her to your chest
and with caresses in your arms
you wrapped yourself up as if to defend it
from that bad guy who was the you from before.

Father, if you weren't mine too
father, even if you were a stranger to me,
among all men already so much
for your child's heart I would love you.

The Prince

by Marco Moschini

A Prince arrives
with a white horse:
comes from afar
and looks very tired.
In place of the sword
there is an umbrella
and there is the coat
in place of the cloak;
but on closer inspection
the horse doesn't have it,
I run to meet him
and I tell him: "Hi dad!"

What is a dad

by L. Musacchio

Dad is not alone
the friend of somersaults on the big bed,
it's not just the tree I climb to
like a little bear,
it is not only those who tend the kite with me in the sky.
Dad is the discreet smile that pretends nothing has happened,
is the good shade of the great oak,
it is the sure hand that leads me to the meadow
and beyond the hedge.

to my father

by Alfonso Gatto

If I came back this next evening
along the street where the shadow falls
blue already that it seems spring,
to tell you how dark the world is and how
let our dreams in freedom be ignited
of hopes of the poor in heaven
I would find a baby cry
and the eyes open with a smile, black
black as the swallows of the sea.
It would be enough if you were alive,
a man alive with your heart is a dream.
Now the earth is a shadow of memory
of your voice saying to the children:
- How beautiful the night is and how good it is
to love us like this with the air full
into sleep - You saw the world
in the full moon to lean out to that sky,
the men walking towards dawn.

Letter from a newborn to his father

"Dear Dad,

when I was in my mother's womb I was never afraid. It was beautiful there; with every step she took I felt lulled, her heartbeat was a sweet music that I listened to before falling asleep.  

Then, at times, I felt something touching my foot, or my arm: it was your hands, dad. I could recognize them, because unlike those of mothers, they moved with a little fear. Maybe you were afraid of hurting me or bothering me. Instead I liked it. I felt happy. When you started talking to me, I gradually learned to recognize your voice too; How funny you were when you sang those songs to me, or when you told me about the Sundays that were coming, about ball games, about school, about trips. What a laugh dad. Mom was laughing too, maybe she thought you were funny too.

Something strange happened one day; I did a somersault and I really wanted to swim… I heard my mother laugh a little and cry a little. Then I recognized your voice. You told mom that she was great, that she was doing a good job. She said that shortly thereafter, I would be her in her arms and that she had to give it all.

When I was finally born, I heard you. I felt Mama's skin and the taste of her milk. I felt drops of tears fall on my head. But there they are: your hands. I recognized them because they moved with the same fear as when you stroked me across the belly. And I finally felt safe.

You've been taking care of me ever since. You stopped going to soccer matches, now we play together with bubusettete. You stopped watching scary movies, now we read many storybooks together. You stopped going to sleep late because now what you like is falling asleep hugging me. When you change my diaper, you are always the same funny dad I always thought! Your grimaces make me laugh a lot!

I'm a little bit older now. I'm growing up dad, and I'm not afraid. I know I can climb the sofa, because you are next to me. I know I can do the races, because if I fall your kiss makes the pain go away. I know I can do all the disasters in the world, because when Mom scolds me, you will be my accomplice and behind her you will wink at me.

Dad, promise me one thing: promise me that even when I get behind you you will not stop telling me about monsters and pirates, you will not stop making huts with chairs and blankets but above all you will continue to make mum laugh. Thanks dad, for giving me yourself.

With all the good in the world, your baby. "

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