The most beautiful songs to sing to the belly

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Better classical music or our favorite songs? When we are pregnant it is nice to think that our baby can hear and remember what we hear: the sounds, the noises, but above all the music. There is nothing better than a beautiful song, which maybe he will remember all his life as his favorite, the one that made him fall asleep, his heart lullaby. So let's see the most beautiful songs.

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Songs to sing in the belly: when the baby begins to hear

The developing brain of a fetus is able to memorize and retrieve memories even after a long time. Furthermore, for mothers, it is a way to create an incredible bond with the baby, by sharing a pleasure and a music that the baby listened to when he was in the womb.

The study, carried out by the University of Leicester, showed that one-year-olds recognize the music their mothers had played them 3 months before birth. Dr Alexandra Lamont of the university's Music Research Group said: 'We know that the fetus in the mother's womb is only able to hear fully 20 weeks after conception. music they listened to before they were born in the first 12 months of life ".

For the study, the mothers involved chose the genre they preferred and the choices ranged from classical music to reggae. The tests were carried out 12 months later and the children showed a marked preference for the songs heard by their mother, compared to those they had never heard before. According to Dr Lamont, there is no evidence that listening to a particular genre of music affects intelligence levels.

If you choose to place a pair of headphones on your stomach, it is important to limit listening to one hour per day, to avoid overstimulation of the baby. Amniotic fluid is a great conductor of stimulation, so make sure you don't turn the volume up too much.

Lullaby: the most beautiful to sing

Ninna Nanna oh

Here is one of the most classic lullabies ever. Being one song traditional, it has undergone various changes over time. Here we report the version of Coccole Sonore.

Lullaby lullaby oh, who I give this baby to
Lullaby lullaby oh, who I give this baby to

I do it alla Befana, she has it for me a week
if I give it to the black ox, he keeps it for me for a whole year

I give it to the lupo bianco, he has it so much for me

Lullaby lullaby fairies, my baby asleep

Stella Stellina

Another classic ninna nanna for Infants is the one that speaks of a small star that lights up the night.

Star star

the night is approaching:

the flame wobbles,

the cow is in the stable.

The cow and the calf,

the sheep and the lamb,

the hen and the chick,

mom and her baby.

Everyone has their little one,

everyone has their mom

and everyone goes to sleep.

I know who you are

It is not a real lullaby, but it is perfect for putting the little ones to sleep. Based on the cartoon of Sleeping Beauty

I know who you are

close to my heart each is you

I know who you are

of all my dreams the sweet object is you

even if in dreams

it is all illusion and nothing more

my heart knows

than in reality

you will come to me

and that you will love me

even more

Ninna nanna di Brahams

This is the classic of the classics!

Sleep, sleep, baby
That your mother is rocking you
In your white lettin
Go to sleep, baby Lullaby, even in heaven
The angels sing in choir
Like the divine child
Go to sleep, baby Sleep, sleep, baby
This night is Christmas
Sleep and dream too
The Child Jesus Lullaby, even in heaven
The angels sing in choir
Like the divine child
Go to sleep, baby

Classical music to listen to during pregnancy

Listening recommended by Leonardo Trevisan, Venetian teacher and musicologist, as a first approach to classical music. Songs chosen after having listened to more than 500 compositions by various authors.

Listening recommended as a first approach to classical music

  1. Johann Sebastian Bach
    Prelude No. 1 da Harpsichord in good temperature
  2. Luigi Boccherini Quintet for strings in Minuet in E major Op.11 N ° 5
  3. Ludwig van Beethoven Minuetto
  4. Johann Sebastian Bach Suite per orchestra n°2 in SI minor Badinerie
  5. Edvard Grieg, Peer Gynt Suite n ° 1, Op. 46 - Danza di Anitra
  6. Wolfang Amadeus Mozart Serenata K525, Rondò - Allegro
  7. Frédéric Chopin  Spring Waltz
  8. George Friedrich Haendel From Music Fireworks - Bourree
  9. Vivaldi Quattro Stagioni - Spring
  10. Wolfang Amadeus Mozart Little Night Music


The external presence of the lyrical and distinct voice coming from the song is necessary as an enrichment and integration to the maternal and paternal voice and as an extension of the singing-listening repertoire.

  1. Anna Netrebko and Elina Garanca - Barcarola by J. Offenbach
  2. Lara Fabian I love you
  3. Lara Fabian - Adagio by Albinoni - R. Giazotto
  4. Katherine Jenkins - 'Angel'
  5. Celine Dion e Luciano Pavarotti - I hate you then  I love you
  6. Andrea Bocelli and Giorgia - I live for her
  7. Sarah Brigthman - Don't cry for me Argentina
  8. Sarah Brightman & José Carreras - Friends for life Friends forever.
  9. Celtic Woman - Danny Boy.
  10. Celtic Woman - Chloe Agnew - ''O Holy Night''

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