The names for children banned in the world


Names of singers, of parts of the body, of historical characters whose actions are not exactly clear, if not downright tragic. Names of social networks, of foods, of super heroes, of multinationals, of animals. In the world, there are many prohibited names from various nations, names that future parents cannot absolutely assign to their children. In our country, for example, a child cannot be given the same name as his father or that of his brothers. However, there is no longer a ban on geographic terms, such as Asia, Del Paese and so on.

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Here, state by state, the names banned in the world.

The Swiss magistrate must approve the names of the children: if they are considered harmful or offensive, they will be banned. Among these, for example, Giuda and Chanel (the latter is not forbidden here, think of the daughter of Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti).


Germany does not allow a gender-neutral name, a surname as a first name, object appellations or humiliating for the unborn child to be assigned. Among the banned are Osama Bin Laden and Adolf Hitler.


France bans names that can be harmful to the dignity of the child: it is a local court that decides on the most controversial cases. Among the names banned in France are Nutella, Prince William and Mini Cooper.


Here we refer to grammar, in the sense that the names of the little ones must adapt to the spelling system of Iceland, otherwise they will be banned. Parents must submit the child's name to the National Registry within six months of birth: if it is not approved, approval is sought from the Icelandic Naming Committee. Do you think that half is rejected! Among these, those where a name contains a letter that does not appear in the Icelandic alphabet, such as C, Q and W. Among the names not allowed, Enrico and Ludovico.


In this state, you can only choose pre-approved names from a register of approximately 7.000 appellations. Of the 1.000 reviewed each year, 20% are rejected. Among them, Monkey and Pluto.


Sweden bans offensive and unsuitable names, such as Superman, Ikea and Brffgxxllrmhyjakòjgjsdroèjkq1111134.


This Northern State has two rules: it forbids the use of a surname as a name (therefore Hansen, Johansen, Olsen, Larsen are not allowed) and in case the name brings a situation of disadvantage to the unborn child.

New Zealand

Names with more than 100 characters are banned in New Zealand, such as those deemed offensive or that resemble song titles, such as Lucifer and Fat Boy.


In this part of Southeast Asia there are several restrictions: animal names, insults, numbers, royal names and food are prohibited. These include Ular (snake) and Woti (sexual intercourse).


About sixty embarrassing, meaningless or offensive names, such as Facebook, Rambo and Batman, are banned here.

Saudi Arabia

In the very traditional Saudi Arabia, 50 names considered blasphemous or inappropriate are banned, such as Binyamin (like the name of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu) or Alice, too "foreign".

Updated on 23.05.2022

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