The Nembrini family: in nine under one roof

Nine under one roof. Seven children for two parents. A place where harmony and collaboration reign. And in which everyone loves each other.

We are not talking about a new sitcom, but about the nice extra large family made up of dad Gabriele, mom Eliany, Giulio (25), Sofia (23), Angela (21), Maria (16), Giacomo (10), Renata (7) ) and Anna (5).

They are the Nembrini. And while father Gabriele is a freelancer for a company that produces machinery for carpentry, mother Eliany, of Brazilian origin, takes care of the entire crew.

"My husband and I met in Loppiano, the citadel of the Focolare Movement to which we belong," Eliany explains. "He lived there, I moved from Brazil to participate in one of the international schools in Loppiano".

Eliany and Gabriele would never have dreamed of having such a large "gang". But yet....

"Gabriele was left a widower at the birth of his fifth child. Before getting married to Chiara he hadn't made any calculations on the number of children, at that moment he thought it was the last ... I instead wanted a big family, but I would never have imagined a story like this!".

How to organize yourself in everyday life? "Like all families, who organize themselves with school schedules and work commitments. We are many and we help each other. Children learn to help when we 'do it together', when they see the example of those who do it with love and dedication, when they understand that 'it is nice to help each other'. It takes a little patience on the part of the adult who welcomes and values ​​the help of the smallest "explains Eliany.

The message that mum Eliany wants to pass on to all mothers and fathers is: "Love each other! Regardless of how many we are ... first of all by giving an example of loving each other between mum and dad: children 'feed on' this relationship. We have welcomed each child as a gift, and as such he should be loved, cared for and educated, for his good, respecting his freedom as a person and my responsibility as a parent. be aware that we are not perfect parents, that we can make mistakes, apologize and start over! "

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Updated on 03.07.2022

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