"The night is my time, but my son needed me"

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A mother waits for the moment of sleep with every fiber of her body since that is the only moment of pause in which she can allow herself to think only of herself; it is not selfishness, but a simple need for self-preservation for an entity, the maternal one, totally absorbed by its duties as mother, wife and, in many cases, worker.

Sometimes, however, the needs of the little ones knock on the door little bubble of relaxation, making the mother plunge back to her reality of pressing commitments and frenzied rhythms.

The post of Bunmi Laditan, a social mother who shared her experience with the network, can only be the story that every mother lives every day in the name of love for her family.

We published it three years ago, but given its always current meaning, we propose it again.

“The night is my time. While the days are for work, housekeeping and errands, once the last child breathes heavily and steadily in her bed, I feel alive in a new way. Silence descends on my house and I am free to do what I want.

It had been but an hour since I'd tucked everyone in when I heard him complain. I stiffened and listened.

Sometimes he does it in his sleep, but no, this time he was looking for me, calling me not the only name he knows.

I found him sitting, agitated and sweaty. She whimpered incessantly. I tried all the tricks to calm him down: give him his favorite bear, cover him with the sheets to expire him, squeeze him in a hug.

Nothing worked and I felt the frustration mounting. I didn't want to be there, in his room, grappling with the hardest version of him. I wanted to lie down, read, watch Netflix, or eat something. I deserved it. "


«My first instinct was to fight to protect what undermined my night - continues the woman - but if there is one thing I have learned about motherhood it is that some things cannot be rushed. Children feel when we are impatient. They sense when you are in two places at once and will use every weapon in their arsenal to bring you to the present moment [...]

So I relaxed and gave in, not to him or his needs, but to the fact that he needed me right now. I needed me to be there and I knew it. There was no escaping this. I felt in my bones that I had to be there»

Finally, Mamma Bunmi concludes:

“People pay to learn what children teach for free: how to stop fighting against what is and is understood. This does not mean that you say yes to everything, but to effectively change something, you must first know it and live it fully and no matter how uncomfortable it may be. Sometimes you have to sit down.

He's finally asleep for now. With children, "goodnight" can sometimes say, "see you soon" but I feel calm. Whether he wakes up in 8 hours or 30 minutes, I'll be there. After all, that's what coffee is for. "

Che dire? Big Up for You Mamma Bunmi!

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Updated on 17.02.2022

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