The passport of the newborn: how to do it and what it is needed

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To go abroad, all children need a valid document for expatriation, that is, a passport. Until 2022 it was enough to enter the name of your child in the parent's document, but from June 27 of that year the rule changed. So here's how to get the baby's passport.

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  • Passport of the newborn: when to do it
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Passport of the newborn: how to do it

Consult the website of Agenda passport, the new service of the State Police to request your passport online and to book:

  • Now
  • date 
  • place to submit the application eliminating the long waits in the police offices.

The parent must register in their own name, or that of the other parent, and make the appointment that they will use for their child. Everything else must be in the name of the minor (passport application and postal order).

If the dates available online are over, you can contact your police headquarters or police station directly, taking into account the waiting times.

The documentation

  • The printed passport application form (be careful to choose the correct form between the one for adults and minors). For a minor's passport, the application for release will be signed by the parents
  • a valid identification document of the minor (we suggest that you bring with you, in addition to the original, also a photocopy of the document). Alternatively, the parent of the minor can self-certify that the minor is her child (pursuant to Presidential Decree 445 of 2000, Bassanini law)
  • 2 identical and recent passport-size photos. The background of the photo must be white
  • 1 administrative contribution of € 73,50 (in the form of a stamped value - formerly a revenue stamp - to always be requested in a resale of stamped values ​​or tobacconist's) to be purchased before showing up with the documents at the office that issues passports.
  • The payment receipt with current account of € 42,50 for the ordinary passport. The payment in the name of the minor must be carried out exclusively at the post offices of Poste Del Paesene by means of current account slip n. 67422808 in the name of: Ministry of Economy and Finance - Department of the Treasury
  • The reason for this is: "amount for issuing the electronic passport". We advise you to use the pre-compiled bulletins distributed by the post offices of Poste Del Paesene.
  • Finally, we remind you to also bring with you the printout of the receipt that is sent by the system after registering on the Agenda passport site

To apply for a passport for a minor child, the consent of both parents (married, cohabiting, separated, divorced or natural parents) and that the minor is a citizen of the Paeseno is required.

Passport of the newborn: consent of the parents

To apply for a passport for the minor child, the parents must sign the consent in front of the Public Official (who authenticates the signature) at the office where the documentation is presented or have the authorization of the tutelary judge.

  • If one of the two parents cannot appear for the declaration, the other parent can attach a photocopy of the document of the absent parent signed in original with a written declaration of consent for expatriation signed in original (pursuant to Presidential Decree 445 of 2000, Bassanini law). This procedure is extended to EU citizens.
  • The non-EU parent who is in Del Paese, but in a city other than the one where the passport will be issued, can go to the nearest police station to give consent in front of a public official.
  • If one of the two parents is from outside the EU and is not present in Del Paese, they must go to the Del Paesena Embassy in the foreign country where they are located and sign the consent, which in this way is legalized and then sent to Del Paese by the Diplomatic Office. .

Passport of the newborn: when to do it

To move within the countries of the European Union you do not need a passport, but an identity card is enough. The passport is therefore used to go to other countries that do not accept the identity card. Be careful because to go to some countries you also need a visa, to be requested in advance. 

The passport can also be used within the European Union.

How much is it worth

La time validity of the passport for children it is different from that for adults. For adults in fact, the passport is valid for 10 years from the date of issue, while for children, it varies from the age at which the passport is issued.

  • from 0 to 3 years vale 3 years from the date of issue.
  • from the 3 18 years the passport expires after 5 years from the date of issue.

It is necessary to pay attention that, often, when entering a foreign country, at least 6 months of validity are required of the document.

Passport of the newborn: renewal

To renew the passport of the minor you must always contact the Police Headquarters or the relevant Commissariat, or visit the website of the State Police to make a new appointment.

The Electronic Identity Card

The electronic identity card can be requested at the Municipality of residence or at the Municipality of residence for citizens residing in the country and at the Consulate of reference for citizens residing abroad.

The duration of the document varies according to age:

  • 3 years for minors under the age of 3
  • 5 years for minors between the ages of 3 and 18
  • 10 years for adults


The parent must go to the Municipality equipped with:

  • passport photo, in paper or electronic format, on a USB support. The passport photo must be of the same type as those used for the passport
  • bring your tax code or health card in order to speed up registration activities
  • pay the sum of € 16,79 in addition to the fixed and secretarial fees, where applicable, as consideration for the issue of the CIE at the municipal coffers. It will also be necessary to keep the number of the payment receipt.

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