The positions of breastfeeding (VIDEO)

Video: the positions for breastfeeding

When it comes to breastfeeding, it is good to know that there are no better positions than others. It is with time that the mother and the baby will find their way to be together and to live this moment to the fullest.

We talk about it with Michela Bardino, midwife at the Santagostino Medical Center in our city.

What are the general rules of breastfeeding?

The first is that themom is in a comfortable and comfortable position, with everything you need at your fingertips. The second concerns the child, who must be placed with his belly against that of the mother - neither supine nor prone - and have his head aligned with the body in order to be able to swallow better.

What are the elements to which particular attention must be paid?

It is very important to have the baby latch on to the breast to avoid problems such as fissures, which form when the baby sucks only the tip of the nipple, which can also cause pain or bleed. but also breast engorgements, which form when the breasts are not drained in all areas and the milk stagnates there, causing inflammation and pain.

How do you know if the baby is well attached?

The baby must have his mouth wide open so as to embrace the whole areola and not just the tip of the nipple, his cheeks must be nice full during sucking and after the first few minutes you must be able to appreciate his swallowing which will take place without noise or pops.

What are the most common positions for breastfeeding?

While it is true that there are no better positions for breastfeeding, it is also true that three are the most common and used ones: the cradle position, the rugby one and the lying one.


The positions for breastfeeding

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How to find the correct position for both mother and baby for breastfeeding? Apart from the four traditional positions, recommended by the consultants of La Leche League, here they are ...

How is the cradle position performed?

The baby's head rests in the hollow of the mother's arm. It is a very comfortable position that allows you to easily control the attachment since the baby's mouth is clearly visible. To be even more comfortable, you can also help yourself with a pillow to support the weight of the child.

And the rugby position?

The mother is in a sitting position and the baby lies with the body next to the mother's side, the head is resting in her hand. It is a position that allows you to take advantage of the emptying of lateral sinus areas, which are not normally emptied. It is therefore recommended for mothers who have an abundant milk supply, but also to avoid breast engorgement.

Finally, what is the lying position like?

The mother is lying on the bed on her side and the baby is lying on his stomach on his mother's stomach, also lying on the bed. It is a very comfortable position to be used especially at night or in moments of fatigue because the mother can rest while the baby sucks independently.

Updated on 14.12.2022

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