The post-partum diet: the weekly menu

The post-partum diet: the weekly menu

Premise: the quantities have not been indicated in the menu, because they depend a lot on the physical conformation of the woman: the needs of a woman of 150 cm in height, for example, are very different from those of a 180 cm tall woman, as well as a woman who who finds overweight is in a different condition than those who are below their ideal weight, and those who carry out regular physical activity need more calories than those who lead a completely sedentary lifestyle.

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  • CollarACTION
  • Breakfast is a real meal and therefore must be complete with all nutrients: carbohydrates, proteins, fats and vegetables (rich in vitamins and minerals).
  • The proposals shown here are to be alternated: it is preferable to avoid always having the same type of breakfast. Breakfast drinks should not be sweetened or sweetened.

    1. Whole or partially skimmed white yogurt or milk or yogurt or vegetable milk (rice, oats, soy, millet, etc.) depending on the tolerance of each, with the addition of fresh chopped fruit, cereals with no added sugar (wholemeal muesli, whole wheat flakes or sticks) and a handful of unsalted and unsalted oily seeds (walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds etc ...) rich in omega 3.

    2. Fruit, juice, fruit-only smoothies or centrifuged + wholemeal toast with cooked ham and cheese such as emmenthal, fontina or caciocavallo which are particularly rich in calcium; absolutely to avoid the slices, unhealthy.

    3. Fruit + infusion (eg with red fruits or fennel) or decaffeinated tea, normal or green (to vary) + wholemeal bread with ricotta and sugar-free jam (sweetened with grape or apple juice).

    4. Fruit + infusion or decaffeinated tea, normal or green (to vary) + rice, spelled or corn cakes with low sodium content or wholemeal slices such as Wasa or wholemeal bread + egg (cooked to taste without fat).

    5. Fruit + infusion or decaffeinated tea, normal or green (to vary) + low sodium content rice, spelled or corn cakes or wholemeal slices such as Wasa or wholemeal bread + parmesan flakes (if desired, final biscuit with jam ).

    SNACKS (mid-morning and / or mid-afternoon:

    Fresh fruit or vegetables possibly accompanied by a flake of Parmesan cheese or a yogurt with a fruit and 2 nuts.


    NB: Single dishes that include both carbohydrates and proteins must be visually balanced. In pasta with meat sauce, for example, the portion of the sauce must be clearly visible and will have approximately the same volume as the pasta.



    Single dish: Wholemeal pasta with meat sauce

    Contour: Mixed salad dressed with oil and lemon or vinegar


    According to: Seared tuna with parsley, lemon and sesame seeds (if the child refuses milk, you can replace the tuna with a more delicate fish such as hake in the oven or stewed with potatoes)

    Contour: green beans and potatoes



    Single dish: Rice and chickpeas with a sprinkling of Parmesan

    Contour: Spinaci


    According to: Baked salmon (can be replaced with sole or steamed plaice flavored with a spoonful of mayonnaise)

    Contour: Mixed salad with carrots, tomatoes, endive with a small sandwich or 4 crackers.



    Single dish: Wholemeal penne with cherry tomatoes, basil and mozzarella

    Contour: Seasonal vegetable pinzimonio (carrots, fennel, endive, cucumber, celery, pepper ...).


    Single dish: Grilled turkey steak

    Contour: Mixed salad with carrots, fennel and songino + wholemeal sandwich or wholemeal slice of bread.



    Single dish: Brown rice with peas and cooked ham

    Contour: Mixed salad


    According to: Baked chicken

    Contour: grilled courgettes and peppers + 4 crackers



    First course: Wholemeal pasta with zucchini carbonara, egg and cooked ham or speck (based on the reaction of the child who may not like the aroma of speck)

    Contour: Carrot, radicchio and fennel salad


    According to: Savory pie with ricotta, parmesan, vegetables and eggs

    Contour: green beans.



    Single dish: Brown rice salad with tuna, peas and vegetables

    Contour: Mixed salad


    First course: Margherita pizza (with wholemeal flour)

    Contour: Mixed vegetable pinzimonio



    According to: Breaded and baked plaice fillets

    Contour: Vegetables to taste with sandwich or wholemeal bread

    Sweet: Homemade ice cream or homemade cake.


    First course: Pureed zucchini, potatoes and basil

    According to: Vegetable omelette with parmesan inside + 1 slice of bread

    Condiments: For dressing the ideal is always extra virgin olive oil to be used raw; in moderation but without skimping: about 4-5 tablespoons a day is a reasonable quantity.

    Desserts: Granted a dessert or ice cream once or twice a week. It is preferable that the dessert or ice cream is artisanal (even better if homemade). It should be avoided to consume it alone (the simple sugars contained make the blood sugar rise too quickly), but it is preferable to add it to the meal by significantly reducing the other carbohydrates: when you eat dessert, for example, you can make a meal with grilled turkey, abundant grilled or raw vegetables, dressed with extra virgin olive oil.

    NB: The non-breastfeeding woman will only snack on fruit / vegetables and feel the need. She will also avoid the cheese on the first courses.



    (no yeasts, milk / dairy products, wheat, wine or vinegar, no grated cheese on the former) to be repeated once every two weeks.


    Fruit / Juice

  • Green tea / coffee / barley / vegetable milk (oats, rice, soy ..) without sugar
  • Brown rice or brown corn cakes
  • Sliced ​​(cooked ham) or hard-boiled egg or a handful of dried fruit (walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, etc.).


    Single dish: Rice, zucchini, courgette flowers and sea bass fillets

    Contour: Raw vegetables seasoned with oil and lemon (no vinegar)


    According to: Baked sea bream with potatoes (if you don't like fish twice a day, you can choose grilled or pan-fried horse meat seasoned with oil, rosemary and lemon).

    Contour: Grilled vegetables.

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