The postpartum doula, an ally of new parents in the first months

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The doula is a great ally of expectant mothers, an emotional support that accompanies her from pregnancy and then also during childbirth. Already in the etymology of the name - doula in Greek means "she who serves the mother" - we understand the vocation of this figure dedicated to the care not only of the baby on the way but also of the psychophysical well-being of the mother in particular and of the couple in general who welcomes a new born. The doula itself is not a midwife, the latter being a professional figure with medical skills. But in dealing with the 40 days after birth, for example, the doula after childbirth he can become a fundamental figure not only in the care of the child but also in the recognition of his rhythms and needs.

In the USA the postpartum doula is already a consolidated professional reality, a figure that is often called by parents in trouble to overcome the puerperium from all points of view: physical, psychological, logistic. Her duties include the care of the child but also those towards the parents, to help them settle down in this new adventure.

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Postpartum doula: who is it and what does it do?

Exactly like the doula accompanying the mother in the various stages of labor and childbirth, the figure of the postpartum doula is the reference for parents who find themselves dealing with breastfeeding and other small daily challenges. 

Postpartum Doula in Del Paese

In Del Paese, the ADI association (Doule Del Paesene Association) is the reference network for those looking for a doula and who at the same time try to protect and protect a profession that is increasingly in demand among new parents. Among the services offered, in addition to those of pregnancy, in labor and in childbirth, there are those relating to the post-birth period with variable costs to be agreed with the chosen person. The most important are:

  • support in the care and nourishment of the newborn
  • couple support
  • listening
  • coaching after returning home
  • coaching in the first nights at home

The doula in the post-partum period therefore offers support not only daily but also at night, to give respite to the tired mother from the fatigue of childbirth and help parents to overcome the early stages. 

Postpartum doula around the world

In a paper by the International Childbirth Education Association in which the role of the doula in the delicate post-partum period is discussed, the objectives of this figure are summarized, who also becomes a true ally against post-partum depression and the baby blues.

  • Emotional support
  • Physical medium
  • Care of mom and baby
  • Useful information on post partum
  • Support for dad
  • Support to the couple in the management of the child
  • Support to the couple in the management of any siblings
  • Help with housework

In this sense, especially for those couples who do not have the external help of grandparents or friends, a person at home who thinks about managing (not just practically) those small details and daily obstacles becomes truly strategic. Helps mom focus on the baby's arrival, without external distractions like household chores. And it helps the couple focus on their needs. While not a psychological or medical support (always necessary when more serious problems arise), the doula really makes a difference, even with breastfeeding. In the research published in the Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, & Neonatal Nursing which is called "Doula Care, Early Breastfeeding Outcomes, and Breastfeeding Status at 6 Weeks Postpartum Among Low-Income Primiparae" the results of the observation clearly say that the primiparas followed by a doula feel more motivated to continue breastfeeding six weeks after giving birth. 

Figures such as that of the breastfeeding consultant can also be integrated into the family menage to encourage the success of this practice.

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