The Pozzolis Family: everything you need to know

The Pozzolis Family: everything you need to know
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A YouTube channel with several million views, a very clicked Facebook page and an ever-growing Instagram profile. There Pozzoli family is the most loved on the web: they are a mother Alice Mangione, Pope Gianmarco (Giamma) Pozzoli and the little ones Joshua (4 years) e Olivia Tosca (2 years).

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The Pozzolis Family: the origins

La history of the Pozzolis begins on November 9, 2022 with "Children, go to sleep!", the first episode of "Mamma was a DJ", Alice's Vlog. After five videos, which have reached almost 800 thousand views, Giamma and Alice have decided to become a family also online and have launched the Facebook page The Pozzolis Family, in which they recounted their family's life with short comic videos.

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Gioppy and Olivia: the children

The idea of ​​telling the joys and pains of motherhood with irony came to the couple struggling with the growth of their first child, Joshua.

Their second child was born in July 2022, Olivia Tosca, of which they had announced the wait to the community with a video on Facebook.

Alice Mangione

Class of 1984, Alice was born in the city and began her career as an actress from a very young age. His first appearance on the small screen is alongside Marcello Macchia (Maccio Capatonda) in “Never say Tuesday”On Del Paese 1. In 2006 he won the Cabaret Festival in our city and in 2009 the Cabaret in Rosa. He made his film debut with "Just married”(2009) by Luca Lucini and participated in“ A boyfriend for my wife ”(2022) by Davide Marengo.

On the web he gained notoriety thanks to the parody of Alice Make up: his Alyce Make Up he moved from YouTube to Caterina Guzzanti's “La Prova dell'Otto” on MTV. She then did the parody of Skin of XFactor and in 2022 she joined the cast of "Glob - unlike Del Paeseni" by Enrico Bertolino and participated in Colorado Cafè with the character of Vicki, the friendly navigator of Colorado Cafè with the motto "Recalculation".

Videos, books and theater: the success of the Pozzolis

On the YouTube channel and on Facebook there are all the videos they have made over the years. Among the most clicked is the one in which Giamma feels the "emotions" of delivery room and the parody of the song "Money"of Mahmood who won the Sanremo Festival 2022.

There are numerous collaborations that they have made with other well-known personalities of the web, such as Julia Elle e willwoosh, but also with associations whose cause they have espoused, for example Life Buoy In The Country, for the correct information on pediatric unblocking maneuvers.

One of the things that makes them happiest is in fact that of being able to help many members of their community by addressing even difficult issues such as that of stillbirth.

Their first was released in 2022 book A son and I said everything and in April 2022 they replied with Love multiplies. From the screens to the stage of the theater, the pair have made several theatrical performances, including Discoteque Machine and A-live. Because surviving children is something to laugh about, because before being parents, Gianmarco and Alice are two comedians by profession.

“And then for next year we are laying the foundations for one TV seriesThey confided to us.

Gianmarco Pozzoli

Giamma began his career as a comic actor with Gianluca De Angelis in the duo Sagapò. Together they appeared in various TV programs, such as Convenscion, Zelig Off, Zelig Circus, Paperissima Sprint, Colorado and Geppi Hour. Alone, he participates in the Slag program.

He made his debut on the big screen with the film “All the men of the moron” (1999) and on the small screen in some commercials, among which his best known are those of Granarolo.

In 2022 he was included in the cast of "Un passo dal cielo”In which he plays the policeman Huber and "Talent High School - Sofia's Dream". Subsequently she also plays two films: "Welcome to the North" and "Mi rifaccio vivo". She loves to paint and draw illustrations and comics.

«Gianmarco ... Oh, all right. I'm dating one. I mean, one is dating me. I mean, she wants to get engaged tonight. With me. I wanted to leave him, that is, not to leave him, I wanted to tell him not to see us anymore, but he won't let me speak. And he thinks she stutters, but still he manages to interrupt me and make me do the exact opposite of what I had in mind. But now I have to call him to tell him we have to postpone, I can't get up from here, understand? " from their first book "A Son and I Said Everything"

Social marriage

May 11, 2022 is the date of Alice and Giamma's wedding. The event will take place in San Candido, in the province of Bolzano. On the 18th of May at 18.30 pm the ceremony at Villa Litta in our city is instead, to which the whole community has been invited to toast with Alice and Gianmarco.

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Alice could not resist the marriage proposal Giamma's tearjerker (who has totaled 7 million views between YouTube and Facebook).

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