The pregnancy agenda of the ministry of health

What to expect, what to do, what questions to ask the doctor and midwife: this is what explains the Pregnancy Agenda, a document designed for mothers and developed by a multidisciplinary group of experts, coordinated by the National Guidelines System 'Higher Institute of Health, on a mandate from the Ministry of Health. The text is divided into three parts, which correspond to the three quarters of gestation.

In the first quarter we start with the first doctor's appointment, which should take place within the tenth week. In this first phase, weight and pressure are measured, the woman is informed about the legal benefits for maternity and paternity, lifestyles, common symptoms and accompanying courses at birth. We also propose some tests, such as urine, blood, pap smear, ultrasound and information on the different possibilities of prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome.


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In the second trimester, the results of the tests that you have chosen to perform with the doctor or midwife are commented on, who must check the hemoglobin level of the expectant mother, the fetal growth, propose the blood test for rubella and toxoplasmosis, the glucose load curve if you are at risk of diabetes, and offer morphological ultrasound between 19 / a and 21 / a week.

In the third and last quarter, there is discussion of assistance in the last months and of the childbirth, a therapy is indicated in the case of low hemoglobin, the pressure is measured and fetal growth verified, a blood test is proposed for toxoplasmosis and other infectious diseases such as HIV and hepatitis B, the swab for streptococcus and prophylaxis anti-D for women with negative Rh factor.

At 34 weeks we start talking about childbirth, labor and how to deal with pain, we plan contacts with the hospital where we will give birth, on post-partum care, on breastfeeding. At 36 weeks, the fetus is checked to be in the right position; if he is breech, the pregnant woman is informed about the possibility of external obstetric maneuvers to make him turn.



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