The secret to good grades? A diet rich in iron!

The secret to good grades? A diet rich in iron!

The "crazy and desperate" study may not be enough if not supported by a physicist ready to support the memory effort.

According to research by University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Pennsylvania State University, the secret to obtaining good scholastic results would therefore lie, in addition to the time spent on books, in an adequate diet and a little physical activity.

Green leafy vegetables (read: spinach), legumes, dried fruit, cereals, meat (white or red) and dark chocolate, are in fact foods rich in iron, an element that, when combined with sport, can significantly increase performance of the students. (Read also: the child does not want to play sports, 10 strategies that work)


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"Good physical shape can be important for success in school or college," says Karsten Koehler, a leading research firm.

Eat healthy and move around a lot

Research data published in The Journal of Nutrition takes into account a sample of 105 women (adults and girls) between 18 and 35 years of age and compare their grade point average and level of physical activity.

It was therefore seen that the subjects in which the level of accumulated iron was higher were also those with the best grades. It was also evident that the most active girls (not only practicing sports, but also simple jogging) obtained on average better results than more sedentary colleagues.

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