The sequence of what happens in the first hour of a newborn's life

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Small, defenseless, defenseless. But instinctively they already know what to do. They know they have to breathe, cry, scream, suck their breasts and sleep. Neuroscientist Laura Senders, in an article on the website, wrote the various steps of newborns in the first 70 minutes of life, drawing inspiration from the results of a 2022 study published in the journal Acta Paediatrica.


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They are small, sweet, immensely tender. If the cry of the newborn baby is a hymn to life, the image of him is something that only those who have been in the delivery room can ...

In the study, videos of the first moments of life of 28 newborns were analyzed. And their behaviors were analyzed.

Minute 0: the first cry

Robust strong, intense. The first cry is an angry cry that helps fill the lungs with air.

Minute 2: Relax on mom's chest

After the initial crying, babies relax, remaining motionless on their mother's chest. Researchers speculate that this moment of silence is an innate necessity due to evolution, when babies had to be kept hidden from predators.

2 and a half minutes: the first movements

Babies start to move, wake up, open their eyes. Slowly they move their heads and mouths.

Minute 8: I observe you ...

More and more on the move! And always with your eyes open, even for five minutes or more. During this active phase, infants seem interested in looking at people's faces and mothers' breasts. They also seem interested in eating. They also make small noises and try to move their little hands towards their mouth.

Minute 18: a well deserved nap

The little eyes close again. The movement got tired. There is time to rest a little ...

Minute 36: guided by the sense of smell

The newborns start moving again, searching for the mother's breast. A little as if they "made their way" using the sense of smell.

Minute 62: in search of colostrum

The newborn sucks from the breast, probably to obtain colostrum, a serum which is secreted before the arrival of milk and which contains a cocktail of very precious antibodies for its immature immune system. This also helps the contractions of the uterus from the mother, so that it returns to its original size.

70th minute: to nanna

All to bed. Babies deserve a well-deserved break and fall asleep again.

Source: Sciencenews and Acta Paediatrica

Updated on 02.05.2022

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