The sleeping positions

Belly up. It is now widely demonstrated that this is the best and safest position for letting the baby sleep, which allows the baby to breathe optimally and reduces the SIDS risk by 50%: even if it regurgitates, there is no risk of suffocation, because the child alone will turn his head to the right or to the left.

Better in his crib. Especially in the first weeks of life it is preferable that the baby does not sleep in the bed, due to the danger of suffocating him during sleep. The ideal is to let him sleep immediately in a cot or bed, but in the room with mum and dad.

Tailored for him. The cradle must be of the right size for the baby: a too large bed could make it slide towards the bottom under the covers, with the risk of suffocation. If the crib is longer, then place the baby (and the blankets) lower so that his feet touch the bottom of the bed and he can't get his head under the covers.

Pillows and mattresses. IThe pillow in the first months is not necessary, if you want to use it it must be of minimum thickness and anti-suffocation; as for the mattress, it must not be too soft and there must be no gaps between the mattress and the bed rails.

No on the sofa. Avoid letting the child sleep on a sofa (also due to the danger of falls), stuffed cushions and quilts and keep away soft toys and toys, which could prevent him from breathing properly.

Hot but not too hot. The room temperature where the baby sleeps should not exceed 20 degrees. For the same reason, do not cover the baby excessively with heavy clothes or blankets (even when he has a fever!) And air his room often.

Ok to the pacifier. Hickey use while sleeping has been shown to reduce SIDS risk. To avoid interference with the good start of breastfeeding, however, it is advisable to introduce it only after the first month of life.

Strictly no smoking. It is absolutely forbidden to smoke in the environments where the child sleeps (and not even where he stays).

(Source: ministry of health)

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