The theory of "crystal children"

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The theory of "crystal children"

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  • Crystal children: where does this theory come from
  • What would be the alleged characteristics of the crystal children
  • The problems that cause the spread of unscientific theories such as that of the crystal children

Crystal children: where does this theory come from

"The belief of the crystal children was invented by Doreen Virtue, a psychotherapist belonging to the current New Age, which for many years has spread theories of its own design such as the Angel Therapy, promoting the use of tarot, crystals and others unscientific practices - explains Professor Montali -. Over time, the Virtue has completely disowned his own theories, following one conversion to Christianity. However, his testi and his past ideas continue, especially on the net, a circular. Taking a step back, Virtue developed the theory of crystal children from an earlier narrative, that of indigo children, elaborated by a parapsychologist of anni 70 who claimed that there were children ready to subvert - positively - the order of things, to make room for one new era full of promise. Thus, after this somewhat "destructive" action of indigo children, it was necessary to hypothesize one reconstructive function: that's why Doreen Virtue invented the crystal children. A fascinating proposal of hope, however, founded on nothing. We are in the field of pure invention, also driven by commercial needs".

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What would be the alleged characteristics of the crystal children

"According to the creator of this theory, crystal children have

  • big eyes e penetrating,
  • un calm character e peaceful,
  • and are equipped with empathy e creativeness.

As we said, they would in a sense be i founders of a new order, based only on positive values. The characteristics attributed to them are extremely vague - just as the penetrating gaze can be - so that in fact for those who want to believe in such theories it is very easy to find feedback in an infinity of normal children, or particularly gifted, or vice versa with disorders learning, or otherwise. And here begins the problems

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The problems that cause the spread of unscientific theories such as that of the crystal children

Indigo and rainbow children

The indigo children, also called the children of the stars, they are considered the bearers of a new era. They would be recognizable thanks to the different color of their aura, indigo in fact. According to this theory, their task is to create, through love, a new world without wars or pollution. On this topic we interviewed Professor Lorenzo Montali.

They are called rainbow children children who are born after a miscarriage or after a perinatal death. After a very difficult and complex period, these children would be able to bring new emotions and light into their parents' lives. On this topic we interviewed Professor Attà Negri and Professor Lorenzo Montali.

"Everyone has the right to fantasize: as long as we remain within the scope of tales and fantasy, no problem. It can be pleasant to imagine a generation of children ready to save the world, there is nothing wrong with that; the use of symbolic in itself it is positive, but when used in a certain context. Instead, it happens that these theories are used to make connections completely improper e pericolosi with other expressions of behavior infantile. For example, there are studies in psychology on the so-called gifted children, we might say gifted: these are studies still in progress, but based on a scientific approach. Still, always in psychology we recognize the existence of children with difficulties in the relational field that they can implement dysfunctional behaviors. The problem arises when these behaviors are read with imaginary interpretative keys, like that of the crystal children, perhaps legitimizing what is actually a disorder that would go dealt with with the help of a professional. Especially today, in a historical phase in which parents often question the origin of their children's behaviors, it is essential that they have correct pedagogical information available, or at least that they do not risk running into interpretative keys completely without foundation, which would lead them on a completely wrong path. "

The interviewee

Lorenzo Montali he is a professor of Social Psychology at the University of our city Bicocca. Graduated in philosophy with a thesis on the phenomenon of urban legends, he deals with public perception of science and technology. One of the founders of the CICAP-Committee Del Paeseno for the Control of Claims on Pseudoscience-of which he was the National Secretary until 1998, he is today the Vice-President of the Committee.

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