The twin birth list essential to prepare for the arrival of two babies

The twin birth list essential to prepare for the arrival of two babies
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When you are pregnant with twins, the expectation doubles, as do the small anxieties of expectant parents who want to better prepare for the arrival of two children. Preparing for the arrival of twins also means optimizing expenses, multiplying the purchases of baby clothes and childcare accessories by two. And of course, buy a twin stroller, two cradles and expand the quantity of underwear (such as bodysuits and rompers) and cot, diapers and bibs. Lots of things to think about! One of the anti-stress ways to calmly prepare for this double birth is undoubtedly getting help from friends and relatives thanks to the number one ally of parents: the birth list. A list that is made in both physical and online specialized stores in which the parents of the baby (or of the babies, in the case of twin pregnancy) insert the essentials. From this list they will then draw the people who want to give a gift to the couple, without waste or misleading gifts. So here's a little guide for creating one twin birth list that it is really useful for the family that is preparing to welcome two children.

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Twin birth list: the essentials

Bedroom furniture for twins

Password: optimization. There are elements that will make up the children's room that must necessarily be doubled. But others don't, especially if the house isn't huge. The parents' choice can fall on twin furniture kits or buy them separately. Here are the essentials:

  • two beds
  • a changing table for changing: if it is occupied by one of the two children, the other parent can always use the bed!
  • two bouncers
  • two high chairs for baby food in anticipation of the weaning period
  • a maxi bag for on-the-go changes to hang on the stroller
  • cradle reducers, for example if babies are born very young and need warmth in their cots

Childcare accessories for twins

The world of small childcare for children is also immense, but there are some things that can be purchased first so that, once out of the hospital, all the essentials for the care of the newborn are around. Can't miss the diapers size 0 or 1, depending on the birth weight of the children: in this case it is always better to have both sizes for emergency. But there are also other small accessories to be included in the twin birth list that can be useful even later, when the twins are a little older.

  • a baby scale
  • baby food thermos for family outings
  • bottles and pacifiers: it is better to wait until they are born to try the teats with babies, check that tandem breastfeeding does not start (and in that case there will be no need for bottles). In short, it is preferable not to stock up before birth: certain things go by themselves, after the arrival of the children
  • baby food set: always useful in the weaning period
  • Breast pump: Even if you don't know how breastfeeding will go before birth, having one at home is not a bad thing

Twin strollers

The world of twin strollers is vast: there are some parents who opt for the purchase of two separate strollers, or who buy the side-by-side prams for twins so as to always have an eye on the children during their first outings. There are obviously i twin trio, consisting of eggs, prams and strollers for when the children will be seated: there are really many types and it is up to the aesthetic tastes of the parents but also to the needs of ergonomics. Those side by side are more bulky, but the more tech and modern models allow children to stay one behind the other: they will be longer than the classic strollers but significantly reduces space and clutter when going around with children.

Car seat for twins

Obviously, the (double) car seat cannot be missing, making sure to buy two ideal for newborns and adjustable according to growth and with integrated anti-abandonment devices.

How to prepare for the arrival of twins: clothes and layette

In the birth list of a child obviously rompers, bodysuits and other elements that will make up the first layette of the newborn cannot be missing. Here's what you need for twins, both in terms of clothing for the first few months, and in terms of bedding.

Need for the layette of the twins: clothing

  • Underwear: it is essential to have cotton bodysuits, both long and short sleeves depending on the season. 
  • Chenille or fleece or light cotton rompers depending on the season: at least 8 (4 per child) for the first days in hospital. And it doubles for the first few weeks.
  • Sweatshirts and pullovers: excellent for cold shocks and sudden changes in temperature in the hospital and outside
  • Socks and bibs: in quantity

Necessary for the layette of the twins: bed linen

  • Set of cot sheets, at least 4 (two per child) so as to facilitate changes in case of regurgitation and other unforeseen events
  • Blankets for pram and cot
  • Pram sheet set, at least 4
  • Two bathrobes
  • Bumpers, one for each cot
  • Reducer for babies if necessary, one for each cot

What to buy for twins

Although some elements are essential to better prepare for the arrival of twins, the rules of any other newborn apply to them: better not to abound. It is not possible to know in advance the family habits that will impose themselves in the rhythms once the children have arrived. A mother may be convinced that she cannot breastfeed twins and buy everything she needs for formula feeds, and then instead find that she is perfectly able to breastfeed in tandem. Or she, on the contrary, she doesn't even have a pacifier in the house when in reality it would be useful. Starting with childcare accessories such as strollers, car seats and high chairs integrating them into the twin birth site, so that relatives and friends can contribute, is a fundamental first step. Equip yourself with (many) bodysuits, diapers and bibs, as well. The rest will come by itself once the babies are born.

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