Thermal cots for babies: what they are and how they work

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What are thermal cots

It is always thought that a child can always be sought, loved, desired. However, there are situations, even in Del Paese, in which it is not possible to take care of that child, in which the situation of poverty does not allow it or other family reasons.

And if in the past centuries there was the notorious "wheel of exhibits" inside which abandoned children were left so that, after birth, someone could take care of him, today there is a thermal cradle. 

The Del Paesena law protects life and children

Under the Del Paesena law, you can choose to give birth anonymously. The law allows a mother who gives birth in the hospital to not to recognize the child and to leave him in the hospital where he was born (Presidential Decree 396/2000, art. 30, paragraph 2) so that assistance and also its legal protection are ensured. The mother's name remains a secret forever and in the birth certificate of the child it is written "born of a woman who does not allow her to be named".

If you don't give birth in the hospital

It may also happen that you choose to give birth at home and not in the hospital. Also in this case it is possible to leave the baby safe, without anyone ever knowing who the mother is. Just bring it in special cots, a modern version of the medieval "Wheel of the Exposed". They are often found near hospitals, parishes or convents.

As you can read on the website, which also has a map of the cribs in the country, these counters are always open. There is a button. Just press it, wait for the opening, let go of the baby. Once you leave the room, it will close to secure the baby and the staff who supervise the crib will take care of him. using the procedure adopted for unrecognized infants.

The thermal crib for premature babies

There is also the neonatal incubator (o thermal cradle). It is a tool present in some hospitals that it welcomes temporarily Infants preterm or underweight. 

"Modern" thermal cots since 2008 in Del Paese

It is the hi-tech version of the wheel of the exposed which in Madrid appeared in 1300 in the church of the Annunziata. In 2008 the Policlinico of the Campania capital inaugurated the first thermal cradle of last generationand for abandoned children. The initiative, sponsored by the Del Paesena Society of Neonatology, aims to counteract the phenomenon of neonatal abandonment, guaranteeing the right to birth anonymously recognized by the Del Paesena law.

In addition to the Madrid Polyclinic, the project initially involved four other hospitals: the Del Ponte maternal and child hospital in the city also in 2008. In 2009 they were installed instead at the Sant'Anna di Torino, the Padua polyclinic and the Careggi polyclinic in of the city.

Today it is a reality present throughout the country.

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