Third month of pregnancy: advice, ultrasound scans and how mother and baby change

Third month of pregnancy: advice, ultrasound scans and how mother and baby change
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Third month of pregnancy: what happens?

Il third month of pregnancy it is the last of the first trimester is the one in which the ailments of the first months, little by little, begin to disappear. Especially mothers who in the first 8 weeks have suffered from nausea and a particular sense of fatigue, will notice some changes, for the better.

In fact, during the third month of gestation, the woman's body changes suddenly. The expectant mother begins to gain a few pounds, distributed between the breast and belly. There are still those who continue to suffer from nausea and vomiting, in this case the weight could remain the same or decrease. 

But let's find out, in detail, what happens in the mother and baby during the third month of pregnancy.

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Third month of pregnancy: symptoms

I symptoms that the mother feels between the 8th and 13th week are the following:

  • movements in the belly: it is not yet the baby's movements, which will begin to be felt around the 20th week of gestation, but it is gas in the intestine, generated by progesterone
  • the very gas present in the intestine could cause flatulence
  • insomnia
  • mood swings
  • urge to urinate often
  • red gums: also in this case the cause is progesterone which dilates the capillaries, thus causing swelling and bleeding
  • the milk ducts develop, ie those small channels through which the milk will flow
  • Breast pain: Small bumps may appear during this month, called Montgomery's tubercles
  • nausea and vomiting may still persist in some women
  • digestive problems and heartburn

The belly in the third month of pregnancy

The tummy begins to glimpse in third month of pregnancy, although this varies greatly from woman to woman. The usual clothes often, in this period, start to feel uncomfortable and a little tight at the waist and the expectant mother feels the need to wear something more comfortable.

It is said that, especially for those mothers who are not in their first pregnancy, the belly can be seen earlier, precisely because the female body is already ready to welcome a baby.

In the third month of pregnancy, however, the tummy is still easily confused with swelling, by those who do not know that you are pregnant.

The ultrasounds of the third month of pregnancy

If it has not yet been done, by the 12th week of pregnancy it is essential to have the first ultrasound. This, in fact, will be important to verify the gestational period, the development and vitality of the embryo and also the number of embryos (it could in fact be a twin pregnancy).

The third month is also the one during which important exams are carried out. There villocentesis, for example, which the woman can perform between the tenth and the twelfth week. CVS is an invasive test that can be done earlier than amniocentesis (from the XNUMXth week of pregnancy). Furthermore, between the ninth and the fourteenth week, the woman is subjected to nuchal translucency, a fundamental ultrasound to discover any fetal malformations.

This is the period in which the woman, if she wishes, can carry out the blood sample with a blood sample prenatal safe (o Dna fetale), a probabilistic examination that allows to identify any trisomies or other genetic anomalies. 

For the choice of prenatal diagnosis, get advice from the gynecologist who is following you or from the gynecologist of the clinic.

Third month of pregnancy and miscarriage

Il first trimester of pregnancy it is considered the most delicate. There are many mothers who wait until the end of the third month to announce their pregnancy to friends and relatives for this very reason.

The first quarter, in fact, is also the one in which themiscarriage, i.e. a termination of pregnancy. The reasons behind such an episode are usually genetic problems. After the third month of pregnancy, however, the chances of a miscarriage are reduced, although it does not disappear. The woman, even in the light of the ultrasound scans made, begins to experience pregnancy with greater tranquility.

What happens to the baby in the third month of pregnancy

In the third month the fetus continues to grow. All the organs are formed and will continue to do so for the following weeks, until the pregnancy ends.

The baby begins to move in the belly, even if the mother still cannot feel it, but this is already visible on the ultrasound scans. Gender is also well defined at this point in pregnancy, but the mother will still have to wait several weeks to find out (unless she chooses to do the Fetal DNA Test). 

What not to do in the third month of pregnancy

During the third month of gestation it is important that the woman listens to her body a lot and never goes beyond her strength. Just like in the second month of pregnancy, the expectant mother:

  • MUST undergo the necessary ultrasound scans during this period (first ultrasound, nuchal translucency, etc)
  • MUST follow a healthy, varied diet
  • MUST have a healthy lifestyle, rest when needed, follow their body and its needs a lot
  • You MUST continue taking folic acid up to the 12th week, and then replace it, if necessary, with a multivitamin
  • You MUST NOT take too much caffeine, do not drink alcohol, smoke
  • YOU SHOULD NOT underestimate dental problems and red gums (which can occur in pregnancy)
  • You MUST NOT get too tired or make special efforts
  • YOU MUST NOT expose yourself to harmful substances

Advice on the third month of pregnancy

In the third month of pregnancy, expectant mothers are advised to continue to follow a healthy diet walk at least half an hour a day. A too sedentary life - if not forced by health conditions, such as a risky pregnancy - is not good for you. Walking helps circulation and even mood. 

This is the period in which to start buying the first maternity clothes to feel at ease. Doing the first shopping as a future mother will be pleasant and exciting. 

The weeks of pregnancy

Il third month of pregnancy it ranges from 8 weeks + 6 days to 13 weeks and 1 day. Summarizing what has been said in the previous paragraphs, it is an important month, in which to perform tests that prevent possible fetal malformations. It is a delicate month, in which the baby grows, continues the development of his organs and begins to move in the belly.

After this month, the chances of miscarriage are reduced. Closed this month mom enters the second trimester of pregnancy. 

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