Tips for breastfeeding babies and children while lying down

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Breastfeeding while lying down

Breastfeeding is a magical moment for many women, while for others it is a path full of difficulties. Whatever happens, it is important for all to find the best way to do it, in all circumstances, so that it is profitable for mother and child. Today, for example, let's talk about breastfeed while lying down, when it is most convenient to do so and why it might be useful. 

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The positions of breastfeeding

It would be great if breastfeeding was as seen in movies or commercials. A happy mom, sitting in a rocking chair, perfect hair, unbuttoned blouse and a newborn baby sucking blessed. Too bad that the reality is very different: many women experience different ailments, in particular related to the first days of breastfeeding, not to mention that even childbirth brings with it various problems: stitches, hemorrhoids, coccyx pain, back pain. The breasts may bleed (fissures), the baby may don't stick well, the nipples may be inverted or the breasts may not empty properly and the mother may develop mastitis. 

For all these reasons, learning the different breastfeeding positions is essential. They will not only give you relief if you find it difficult to sit still, but they will also help you to do attack correctly the baby, to avoid too much painful fissures and to start breastfeeding well. 

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Breastfeed lying down

Among favorite positions for new mothers, especially those still sore from post-partum and tired from lack of sleep, there is certainly the one from lie down. This is for several reasons: breastfeeding while lying down allows you to do it too at night, perhaps with the child lying next to him in a bed for the cosleeping, but also allows you to take the opportunity to take a nap with the baby at the end of the feed or to avoid the discomfort and pain that sitting causes. 

How to breastfeed while lying down

One of the first positions experienced by new mothers is that semi-lying, because that's how she breastfeeds in the hospital. It is actually fine initiate breastfeeding sitting correctly, with the back straight and supported, to understand how the baby sterns and how to possibly adjust the shot. 

breastfeed lying down, lie down next to your child, both on your side, looking into each other's eyes. To be even more comfortable, you can use supports such as a nursing pillow or a simple pillow between the legs, while you can use a support (even a rolled blanket) behind the baby's back to keep him from rolling. 

The best way for the little one to suckle is to have his hips flexed and his back straight, aligned with his shoulder and ear. 

What if I fall asleep while breastfeeding?

Falling asleep while breastfeeding is certainly not a problem! Indeed, if you feel tired use this position to rest and give in more easily sonnoinstead of getting anxious about things to do around the house. 

If you fall asleep the baby will still continue to poppare, and probably the situation of tranquility will in turn lead him to let himself go to sleep. Just take care to protect it, cushions are enough to act as a barrier: i Infants they still don't turn around, but better be careful. 

Breastfeeding while lying down it is comfortable both at night and when you need to regain strength immediately after giving birth. Either way, it's a perfect position to feed your child while enjoying the moment, and if you fall asleep… take advantage of it!

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