To my eldest son: thank you for your help

To my eldest son: thank you for your help
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To my eldest son: thank you for your help

Your help is invaluable

I watched you with your little brother and I want you to know how much I appreciate your help. Like when I haven't had a shower in two days and ask you to play with him. I love the way you pick him up and carry him into your room, showing him your intricate LEGO creations or teaching him the mechanics of loading and firing a toy gun. Thank you for expanding his world and showing him how things work. Like when I broke a plate in the kitchen and your sister spilled a whole cup of milk in the dining room. You jumped into action and picked up your brother, protecting him from shards of glass or an accidental fall when he steps into puddles.

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To my eldest son: thank you for your help

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A wonderful older brother

Thank you because ...

Thanks because when you see someone in need of help you rush to the rescue.
Like when I haven't been able to do the dishes for two days while the kid pulls my sweatpants, yelling "Come on!" I love the way you offer him an ice cream and take him with you to enjoy this moment together. Thanks for going out so I don't have to clean up (another) sticky mess around the house.
Like when we go to the pool and your middle school friends are there, jumping off the diving board and asking you to join them. I love that you always find time for your little brother, who adores you and just wants you to take him down the children's slide. Thanks for being a wonderful big brother.

Thanks for the time you spend with him

At any time of the day you never stop thinking about your little brother

Like when it's time for me to make dinner and the little one is already hungry - and downright angry - I love how you play with him on the driveway, drawing chalk masterpieces or rolling a dump truck across the pavement over and over and over .

Thanks for never hesitating to play - and I really mean playing.

Like when bedtime is so close and everyone is irritable. I love the way you sit down with your little brother and quietly read a book or two, helping him relax before bed. Thank you for conveying the love of reading to our home.

You really help me

Remember: you have never been invisible

I remember when I was pregnant with your brother, you said to your sister: "When mom has the new baby, you will feel invisible for a while". I know it was a sentence of innocent honesty, but it broke my heart to hear you say this. I'm sorry if you felt invisible when your sister was born and again later when your brother arrived.

But I want you to know that you have never been invisible to me. I see you: all your likes and dislikes, your interests, your heart.
I know you enjoy cycling and playing video games, but you are always kind enough to stop doing those activities and help me with your brother. Even when I don't ask, you are quick to act. I notice it every time, really. I'm sorry I don't always express my thanks in words.

You are seriously the best big brother your siblings can have. I know your sister may not admit it, but they both admire you. And we miss you when you are on a camping trip or on a trip.

For all the times you've buckled your brother in his car seat, carried him around with you and shared your candy with him, thank you. You really help me.


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