Too heavy backpack: how to help children get better

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How to know if the backpack that our children carry to school every day is too heavy for their backs? Just do a simple calculation: the weight of the folder must not never exceed 10% of body weight. Beyond this limit, it is better to leave a few books at home.

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How much should a backpack weigh on your back

When should a backpack carry on the back weigh?

"If a child weighs 30 kilos, the backpack must not exceed 3 kilos," he explains Guido the Rose, head of orthopedics at the Bambino Gesù Children's Hospital.

Backpack with wheels

If you can't help but bring all the books you need to school to school, then the only solution is to buy our children a backpack with wheels. "School texts should be in digital format," continues La Rosa.

While waiting for this technological revolution in schools, we just have to convince our children to go to school with the trolley. Another solution is to share books with the classmate or leave unused ones at school in the afternoon.

No to the backpack on one shoulder

Never wear the backpack on one shoulder: «We always recommend a symmetrical distribution of the loads that come to weigh on the back».

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Correct wrong posture

If we see our child walking hunched over or studying in wrong positions, then we better run for cover right away. "The only cure in these cases is thephysical activity. However, we need to do sport continuously, at least three hours a week ». To make him stand up straight while he does his homework, we can make him sit on one particular chair, called 'Finnish'. «It forces you to assume a correct posture: it has no backrest, the seat is inclined and has a kind of kneeler. If you do not stand straight, you fall forward ».

The smartphone posture

In addition to the heavy backpack, even being folded in front of the screen of one smartphone it's not good for our children's backs. "It is a habit that does not help: they are positions that, taken every day, lead the child to have an incorrect posture".

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The right sports to help your back

Not all sports are the same: the most complete one while growing up is swimming. "AND one of the physical activities that is most good for your back. To stay afloat you have to move all your muscles. The problem is that it's a repetitive sport where you are alone in the tub. In my experience, as soon as children grow up to 12 they want to do something else. "

Let's dispel the false myths

Alternatives to swimming can be:

  • volleyball,
  • basketball,
  • water polo,
  • athletics
  • or tennis.

«They are sports indicated for the development of the back muscles, in which the upper limbs are at least as busy as the lower ones. Recently an American study has absolved tennis of the hypothesis of being linked to the onset of scoliosis. There is no cause and effect relationship and tennis can also be played without problems. We must dispel these false myths: the folder too heavy or any sport they cannot cause scoliosis which is a disease whose origins must be sought in the genetic field ».

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No ban on football either, even if it is not the most suitable sport for the back. «Football is the great passion of boys and girls too. It mainly trains the musculoskeletal system of the limbs. It is not a sport that I recommend when you want a boost of back muscles».

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