Traveling in pregnancy: 4 myths to dispel

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Traveling while pregnant

La pregnancy it is not a disease, so it must be lived peacefully. Word of doctor. Indeed, Elsa Viora, president of the board of directors of Aogoi, the Del Paeseni hospital obstetricians and gynecologists association, is convinced of this, assuring future fathers and mothers that "you can travel the way you prefer, taking into account some precautions". So here are some practical tips for those who choose to travel pregnant.

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1 - Traveling pregnant in the first trimester

According to Dr. Viora, that a woman should be more careful during the first three months of pregnancy by avoiding long trips is a false myth. If it is true, in fact, that «the first quarter it is the period in which the greatest number of spontaneous abortions occur ", it is also true that" they are often the result of a sort of natural selection that does not depend on what a woman does or does not do, but on an intrinsic problem of the fetus " . Paradoxically, therefore, during this period of time "staying in bed does not change anything because in any case there would be no therapeutic tools to affect pregnancy". From this point of view, "it is perhaps more useful to be careful in the last quarter".

2 - Traveling by car during pregnancy

Another urban legend to be disproved is that wearing a seat belt in a car is not recommended for pregnant women. On the contrary, «the belt is recommended», just wear it taking care to place one string between the breast and the belly and another one under the belly and above the legs, so that the belly does not get crushed.

Fighting nausea in the car

Instead, to combat travel sickness that can affect expectant mothers "everyone has their own strategies, but foods like ginger and green apple work well."

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3 - Traveling by plane during pregnancy

The first precaution to take is to wear compression stockings to help circulation. Staying still for a long time, in fact, "increases the risk of venous thrombosis, which is even higher for pregnant women". If you have special risk factors for deep vein thrombosis, your doctor may prescribe a puncture of heparin, a blood thinner to be done just before your trip and in the days immediately following.

Travel by plane it does not involve particular risks because the cabins are pressurized, the important thing is to pay attention to the destination: you can choose either sea or mountains, but "it is not recommended to go to countries where there are no adequate sanitary conditions". Also, if you choose goals for which vaccines are needed, "it is always better to check that the drug administered can be taken during pregnancy." In particular, "vaccines that use live viruses should be avoided." Furthermore, before arriving at the airport, it is useful to ascertain whether or not the chosen airline requires a medical certificate authorizing the expectant mother to fly, to avoid having to remain on the ground.

Up to what month can you fly in pregnancy

Up to 36 weeks of pregnancy - 32 in the case of twin pregnancy - airlines generally welcome pregnant women without problems, but the rules may change depending on the company. Some after 28 weeks require a medical certificate stating that the mother and baby are in good health and that there are no particular risks of complications and premature birth. Others require that specific documents be filled in when booking travel. Before booking, it is always better to check the conditions with the individual company.

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4 - Traveling by train while pregnant

The train has some advantages. Among these "the possibility to get up, move freely" and above all use the bathroom whenever you feel the need without being bound to stop at a motorway restaurant. Finally, during long journeys, it is best not to sit too much and the corridors of the wagon can be used at any time to stretch your legs from time to time.


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Questions and answers

Is it possible to travel during pregnancy in the first few weeks?

The first trimester is the period in which the greatest number of spontaneous abortions occurs, but they are often the result of a sort of natural selection that does not depend on what a woman does or does not do, but on an intrinsic problem of the fetus.

Traveling during pregnancy and covid: what are the risks?

It is necessary to pay attention to the indications: avoid crowded places, wash your hands often or with disinfectant gel when there is no water, protect yourself with a mask, respect social distancing

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