Tricks for the big spring cleaning

Time for big cleaning

Maximum yield, minimum effort: this is how it must be when it comes to dedicating oneself to the "Easter cleaning" of spring, traditionally the most accurate. Here are some tips for making your diktat your own.


How to organize house cleaning in 6 steps

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To organize house cleaning in an intelligent way, you need to have a method and a weekly schedule so as not to forget anything. Word of Francesca Sierra, founder of the Academy of ...

The first step is to mentally organize yourself so that you don't find yourself spinning around in circles. To do this, it's a good idea to make a to-do list in order of execution:

Clean the windows and mirrors

Dusting the furniture and knick-knacks in the living room, bedrooms, hall, study

Cleaning the bathroom (s)

To clean the kitchen

Clean the floors

For glass (and mirrors):

Use a sponge and a simple squeegee (exactly the same as that used for car windows). As a detergent, use warm water in which a few drops of ammonia have been poured. After removing the water with the squeegee complete drying with a soft white cotton cloth.


Dilute in a container di plastic with a sprayer filled with water, a cap of liquid detergent for furniture. Moisten a couple of "tears" of paper from the house with the solution obtained and then pass them on the furniture, replacing them with clean paper whenever the case requires it. To dust the television grille or other difficult spots use a large brush.

Clean the bathroom

Spray a product di descaling cleaning e anti-yellowing on all the surfaces of the bathroom fixtures, leave to act for a few minutes then rub with a sponge cloth and rinse. Fill a bucket with hot water and pour a small amount of denatured alcohol into it, then proceeding on all fours (it is the best to not strain your back) clean the floor with the help of a sponge cloth. At the end of the operation, open the windows for a few minutes to speed up the drying of the floor. Close the windows and go over all the bathroom fixtures with household paper: it is used to remove any drops of water and to polish them.

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To clean the kitchen

Before starting to clean it is good to empty all cabinets, taking advantage of the opportunity to throw away what is not needed and any expired canned goods. What is removed from the cabinets should be put together on a table and cleaned with a damp sponge cloth before being put back in place. To clean the furniture you can use a solution of hot water in which a small amount of a will have previously dissolved degreasing product. Alternatively it can be used, mixed with water, white vinegar and lemon juice. For the floor, you can proceed in the same way as for the bathroom floor. If it is parquet, a liquid wood cleaner must be mixed with the water.

Clean the floors

I floors they must be washed after removing the dirt with a broom or better with a vacuum cleaner. Washing them with a sponge cloth in the all-fours position is faster and ensures a better final result. For wooden floors (parquet) you can use a bucket of water filled with hot water in which a small amount of liquid product for parquet. For ceramics you can use products specifically intended for the purpose dissolved in water or, as an alternative to them, denatured alcohol or ammonia or white vinegar. It is important that thewater is hot and that the products are used in small quantities.


The 52 things in the house that EVERYONE you should remember to clean

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Who remembers to wash the bin? What about the child's car seat? Not to mention the shower curtain or the toothbrush holder! Here are the 52 things you should ...


According to the dictates of Feng Shui, oriental art that aims to create a harmonious relationship between the environment and those who live in it to the advantage of the quality of life, in every home (or if there is no place in the house, in every cellar, or garage or terrace blanket) there should be five boxes for five categories of objects: throw away; to fix; to give, exchange or sell; to be moved to another room (or perhaps to the holiday home); awaiting placement / destination. To ensure inner serenity, the boxes must be emptied cyclically. Easter cleaning could be the right occasion to inaugurate the boxes. The boxes can be covered with upholstery paper or they can be decoupled or replaced with large wicker containers, perfect as furnishing accessories whatever the style of the house.

REMEMBER: to have the house in order it is essential that everything has its place. To succeed in this aim, many “dedicated” containers are needed: a large vase holder can be transformed, for example, into a pen holder in which to place ballpoint pens, pencils, markers that are found around. A wicker box with a lid can be used to accommodate slips of paper, stamps, clippings, new batteries, coins and anything else that is usually left on the shelves of the furniture.


12 tricks to organize house cleaning (for those who work or have little time)

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