Tricks to get the child to aerosol

No, I don't want to do aerosol. In winter, however, between coughs, pharyngitis, phlegm and colds, infections of the lower airways, such as bronchitis and bronchiolitis, aerosol must be done. So how to deal with the child's rejection?

  • read him a story or play
  • choose a quiet appliance
  • try a spacer

Read him a story

Experts advise to play down as much as possible and try to distract him, perhaps inventing a story. Everything will pass when they realize they are better, they assure. "It is important not to emphasize the moment, to make these activities one of the many of the day", says Giovanni Poggi, of the Pediatric ward of the Meyer pediatric hospital in the city, according to whom it is important to limit the use of aerosol to cases where it is really necessary.

"Playing or reading a book, depending on the tastes and personality of the child - he adds -, can help not think about it: then he himself will realize that the treatment makes him feel better and will begin not to reject it".

Choose a quiet appliance

It is also important, as Professor Gian Vincenzo Zuccotti of the Luigi Sacco hospital in our city points out, "to choose a new device, perhaps with ultrasound, because it is less noisy: one of the things that bothers the little ones about aerosol. , in fact, it is precisely the noise ".

According to Zuccotti, moreover, it is necessary to avoid aerosolizing the child while he sleeps, as some parents think as an extreme solution, "because to inhale the substances correctly you need a minimum participation on the part of the child".

Maybe the spacer is enough

In some cases there are also effective alternatives to aerosol, finally recalls Salvatore Renna, of the Uoc First Aid and Pediatric Emergency Medicine of the Gaslini of Genoa. For example, there is the spacer, a device with two openings, one for the spray and one for the mouth, which allows you to speed up the treatment because the child has to breathe inside for a few seconds.

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Updated on 13.10.2022

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