Tummy Time: 3 belly exercises to strengthen the baby's muscles

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What is "Tummy Time"

A gym which serves to stimulate the motor development of the child: "it is the"Tummy Time", a series of esercizi which are proposed to neonate, lying on the stomach, to strengthen the muscles of the neck, back, but also the arms and legs »explains Elisabetta Delmonte, educator specializing in psychomotor courses at Living Suavinex our city.

The benefits of "Tummy Time"

«The sooner the baby is placed on his stomach the better - specifies the expert -. Generally in our courses we take children from two months, but at home you can start even earlier. It's about a important gymnastics because babies who spend a lot of time on their stomachs first learn to turn, crawl and crawl ».

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How to prepare the environment

The "Tummy Time" can be carried out in an uncluttered environment, without too many distractions, placing the baby on a carpet that is comfortable enough, but not too thick to prevent it from collapsing.

«I recommend that you avoid doing the exercises on the bed, because by not being able to move well, the little ones risk sinking their faces into the mattress. Better to place them on a fabric carpet a couple of centimeters high with a sheet placed directly on the floor on top. For some exercises, then, it may also be useful to use the breastfeeding pillow ».

At the beginning, the mother's voice is enough to attract the attention of the little ones, singing songs or nursery rhymes. "As they get older, colorful and sound toys can also be used to make them move."

“Tummy Time”: exercises to do at home

«Before starting the exercises I always recommend doing a little ritual, which makes the child understand that he is about to start gymnastics. Put him on his stomach and rub the belly up and down, then caress the arms from the trunk towards the hands and then the legs, from the trunk to the feet ».

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1. Exercise to strengthen the neck

«Place the baby on his stomach completely stretched out, without any other accessories. If he is very small you can put him on the changing table. Stand in front of him and try to get his attention to make him lift his head. This is a very important exercise to strengthen the neck muscles ».

2. Exercise of the balcony

“Place the baby with his arms over the nursing pillow lying on his stomach. Try to get his attention, perhaps with a song. While they sing, mum or dad can go up and down in order to make the little one raise and lower his head ».

To intrigue the baby you can also put a mirror in front of him: he will have a lot of fun looking at his reflection.

3. Exercise to strengthen the baby's back

This exercise is reported on the Wannabemum site. “Place the baby on the tummy-feeding pillow. Then lift the baby by placing a hand under his chest and pelvis 3-5 centimeters from the mat for a few seconds and then put him back down. Repeat the exercise 2-3 times and then, while the children are lying on the pillow, lift their feet and bring them towards the inside of the knees, repeating the operation 3-4 times ».

How much time to devote to "Tummy Time"

There is no minimum or maximum time to do these exercises, just a few minutes a day. «The important thing is never to force the child: as soon as he gets annoyed it is good to change exercise or stop altogether, depending on the situation. You can then repeat the exercise at another time of the day »concludes Elisabetta Delmonte of Living Suavinex our city.

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