TV, tablet and nutrition: the enemies of children's sleep


How long should a baby sleep? And what are the real enemies of children's sleep? Is bibe before bed good? It is a good movie? So many questions that a parent with children in tow asks himself. Especially when the little one struggles to sleep.

What can you do? Sipps, the Del Paesena society of preventive and social pediatrics and Sicupp, the society of pediatric primary care, have conducted for the first time in Del Paese a study on the sleeping habits (wrong and not) of Del Paeseni children. It is called "We like to dream" and involved 111 Del Paeseni pediatricians and over 2.000 children in the North, Center and South. From infants to adolescents. Here are the results.

In 2022 the American National Sleep Foundation (NSF) updated its recommendations on the duration of sleep in the various age groups:
- 11-14 hours between 1 and 3 years
- 10-13 hours between 3 and 5 years
- 9-11 hours between 6 and 13 years

In Del Paese, children sleep too little

The data shows that there is not enough sleep. Only 68,4% of children between 1 and 14 years of age rest adequately.

A percentage that rises according to the area of ​​the country. The "lack of sleep" in the South is greater (62,8%).


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Always go to bed at the same time and never after 8.30, at least for the entire period of elementary school, draw a chart with the sleep routine, turn off the television and cell phone ... These and ...

The sleep habits of Del Paeseni children? Latvian ...

A habit that emerged in the research is the place where children fall asleep. The favorite remains the Latvian, who seems to be "cleared" by pediatricians. As long as the children are older, to prevent SIDS risk.

As Laura Reali, research manager of the Paediatricians Cultural Association, explains to «Today life has changed. Mothers and fathers work maybe they come back late and having their children with them between the sheets is a kind of compensation. A pleasure for everyone. Sooner or later the baby will decide to fall asleep in her room and stay there. A sign that you feel ready. And we mothers will experience it as an abandonment ».

According to the research at 1-2 years 4 out of 10 children fall asleep in the Latvian. At 5-6 years of age, almost three out of 10 children retain this privilege and 20% at 7-9 years (two cases out of 10).

In addition, 13,1% of children change their bed during the night.

Doctor Paolo, Family Pediatrician, responsible for the project comments: «In the Del Paesene houses there is a certain amount of traffic during the night!».

Wrong habits? Technology before bed but also drinking before falling asleep

In addition, you really read just before bed and TV, video games, tablets or PCs are preferred as lullabies.

"What emerges - underlined Dr. Marina Picca, SICuPP President - is that you read very little: just think that 65% of children between the ages of 3 and 4 use the TV or another video to sleep. Percentage that drops dramatically to 48% when it comes to leafing through the pages of a book. The percentage of children who use TV or another video to fall asleep rises to 72% between the ages of 5 and 9 and 79% between the ages of 10 and 13, but the most worrying figure is that it is already 40% between 1 and 2 years. Sleep duration was shorter when the child watches a video before falling asleep or has a TV in their room".


Food and recipes for good sleep

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Here are some foods that promote sleep. Perfect to offer to children for dinner.

And the classic bibe or glass of water before bed? About one in three children drink just before falling asleep. Milk in the first years of life is preferred but also fruit juice. According to the research, however, drinking before falling asleep was found to be a habit linked to a shorter sleep duration.

Source: we like to dream, Sicupp and Sipps

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