Twenty-seventh week of pregnancy

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Twenty-seventh week of pregnancy

The fetus is now moving and perceives the world around it, while the mother, a little tired, begins to prepare for the birth. Here's what happens to your body and your baby during twenty-seventh week of pregnancy. With the scientific advice from gynecologist Elisabetta Canitano, president of the non-profit association Vita di donna.

Symptoms of the twenty-seventh week of pregnancy

Arriving at the seventh month of pregnancy, the body begins to prepare for delivery and the expectant mother could accuse the accumulation of stress e fatigue given by hormonal changes and the growing weight of the fetus in the belly (which now moves more).

Other frequent symptoms can be:

  • hemorrhoids
  • heartburn
  • cramps in the lower limbs
  • headache
  • pruritus
  • constipation
  • dizziness 
  • epistaxis (nosebleeds)

The linea nigra

The linea nigra At this point in the pregnancy, a dark line may already have appeared on the baby bump that runs vertically from the pubis to the navel and sometimes beyond. An ancient popular belief has it that the line goes beyond the navel when you are expecting a girl and that you are expecting a boy if you don't cross it: obviously it's just a baseless legend.

The linea nigra appears as a consequence ofexcessive production of melanin, also responsible for pregnancy spots on the face. With the difference that the line, in almost all cases, gradually fades until it disappears completely within a few months after delivery, while the spots on the face can remain for very long periods.

Navel in pregnancy

It can happen between the second and third trimesters of pregnancy that the navel becomes protruding. This is due to the internal pressure of the uterus which is expanding.

How to do?

  • Wear clothes in natural and comfortable fabrics
  • Keep your skin clean and dry to prevent irritation
  • If it bothers you because it rubs against your clothes, you can protect it with a special patch
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Health tips twenty-seventh week of pregnancy

At this stage of pregnancy it is completely normal gain weight: not only a small organism continues to grow in the baby bump, but the progressive sedentary lifestyle caused by the increasing difficulties to move with ease make the accumulation of mass easier. However you need to keep the situation under control by trying to do some movement (within the reasonable limits of your physical ability) and by maintaining a healthy and balanced diet.

So do not worry if you notice stretch marks or you feel more swollen: the important thing is to eat well and drink a lot.

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What to do in the twenty-seventh week of pregnancy

The moment of the baby's birth now begins to stand out on the horizon, so it may already be time to get ready for the moment, perhaps following some pre-birth courses or preparing a emergency suitcase for every eventuality. Furthermore, from the twenty-seventh week it is possible (advisable) to undergo some tests: 

  • esame urine to reveal the presence of any kidney changes. In addition to the presence of diabetes in this period it can suggest the presence of gestosis.
  • Carpenter's test, a screening test that assesses blood glucose before ingestion and after one hour (the test is positive for values ​​greater than or equal to 140 mg / dl after loading). Its positivity does not indicate the presence of diabetes but it is used to carry out a more in-depth and diagnostic test: the OGTT.
  • L'OGTT, which is a test to detect cases of gestational diabetes.
  • Creatininemia to check the renal function index
  • Coombs test indirect only if Rh negative blood group
  • Obstetric ultrasound.
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The fetus in the twenty-seventh week of pregnancy

Towards the 27th week, i movements of the baby can be clearly felt even from the outside, simply by placing a hand on the belly. Sometimes a small hump appears on the surface of the baby bump that corresponds to a foot or a hand.

The little one now opens his eyes, distinguishes sounds and continues in the development of the nervous system. It can have the hiccup, which the mother perceives as small jolts that occur at regular intervals.

Gestational age: seven months (DPP CALCULATION - Expected date of delivery)

FONTI: NHS; BabyCenter

Questions and answers

What happens in the twenty-seventh week of pregnancy?

The mother begins to gain considerable weight and the fetus continues to develop the nervous system.

What month of pregnancy am I in?

The twenty-seventh week is the last of the seventh month of pregnancy.

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