Ultrasound in the sixth week: what is seen

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Sixth week ultrasound

As soon as the pregnancy test is positive, there is a lot of anxiety to have a visual confirmation of the baby's presence with the ultrasound. Calculated that the pregnancy test is usually done between the fourth and fifth week and calculated the time to make an appointment with the gynecologist, the the more impatient they make the first ultrasound around the sixth week of pregnancy. Others wish they were already in the fifth week of pregnancy.

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Ultrasound of the fetus: the images month after month

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What happens if the ultrasounds become author's? The result is the following: nine wonderful images documenting the development of the fetus in the mother's womb month by month ....

What kind of ultrasound is done?

To begin with, the ultrasound - which is in such early stages transvaginal - allows you to check if it really is the sixth week.

What do you see in such an early age?

  • the gestational chamber
  • the yolk sac
  • the embryo begins to see itself

As explained in the easy obstetric ultrasound ebook by the gynecologist Valentina, at six weeks the gestational chamber (a black structure of a more or less oval shape), which encloses the yolk sac (a white circle), that is a structure that has the function of nourishing the embryo in the early stages of pregnancy and which regresses with the passing of weeks.

Do you feel the heartbeat already at six weeks?

The embryo begins to be seen as well, as a kind of bump or thickening in the vicinity of the yolk sac. If the embryo has already reached sufficient size (greater than 5 millimeters) heartbeat may also be felt.

Is the embryo always seen?

But beware: if you still can't see the embryo, something is not necessarily wrong. More simply, it may be that the stones are hurt and the pregnancy is further behind. "Maybe you think you are at six weeks, because you think you have ovulated on the 14th day of your cycle, but if you have a longer cycle, ovulation could have occurred later," explains Rossana, a specialist in gynecology and obstetrics in Genoa. . "Result: instead of the sixth week we are in the fifth week of gestation. And at this time, a week of difference is a lot".

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What to do if the embryo is not seen on the first ultrasound

What to do, then, if the embryo is not yet seen on a first ultrasound performed rather early, but only the gestational chamber and the yolk sac can be seen? "In this case simply repeat the ultrasound after a week".

Just to avoid unnecessary worries, however, it would be better not to rush too soon to do the first ultrasound. According to the 2022 Guidelines of the Del Paesena Society of obstetric-gynecological ultrasound, in the absence of other specific indications, the ultrasound of the first trimester should be performed between 11 and 13 weeks + 6 days of gestation: a period in which it is also possible to measure the nuchal translucency.

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What is the image of the fetus at six weeks? And how long is it?

Here is an illustration that shows how big it is. To find out how long the fetus is week after week, follow the link and use our online calculator.

At six weeks, the cranial caudal length of the fetus is approximately 2 mm.

First pregnancy ultrasound forum

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First internal or external pregnancy ultrasound?

Given the early gestational period, usually the first ultrasound is internal, therefore transvaginal.

What do you see before pregnancy ultrasound?

The first ultrasound is used to confirm the pregnancy and to check if it is a single or twin pregnancy, but you can also see:

  • the size of the fetus,
  • the heartbeat of the fetus,
  • the condition of the placenta, such as its state and position, or any detachments.

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Sources for this article: consultancy from Rossana, specialist in gynecology and obstetrics in Genoa; ebook Easy obstetric ultrasound by gynecologist Valentina; 2022 Guidelines of the Del Paesena Society of Obstetric-Gynecological Ultrasound.

Questions and answers

What kind of ultrasound is done in the sixth week of pregnancy?

In such early stages a transvaginal ultrasound is done.

Do you already hear the heartbeat of the fetus?

If the embryo has already reached a sufficient size (greater than 5 millimeters), a heartbeat can also be felt.

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