UN international day against violence against women

Today, November 25, the "International Day against Violence against Women" is celebrated, established by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1999, to sensitize governments, government organizations, NGOs, civil society and the media to this phenomenon. According to UN data, it is estimated that one in five women worldwide is a victim of violence or attempted violence in her lifetime.

The date of November 25 was chosen to commemorate the massacre of the Mirabal sisters, Patria, Minerva and María Teresa, murdered during the Dominican regime of Rafael Leonidas Trujillo on the same day in 1960.

"Violence against women, which manifests itself in various forms, is very widespread in the world - said UN Secretary General Ban ki-Moon at the UN Headquarters - and is one of the most significant obstacles to full equality between the sexes ".

"It is an unacceptable plague that affects the whole world and especially developing countries and those who find themselves in situations of conflict", stressed Ban. "I invite governments, international organizations to concentrate the energies, ideas and initiative of young people to try to put an end to the pandemic of violence. Only then, can we live in a more just, more peaceful and more equitable world", Ban concluded. In Of The Country

To say enough of the violence against women Raoul Bova and Michelle Hunziker they have just launched a short film entitled "Amore nero", of which the Roman actor is the director and the showgirl is the protagonist, which shows the fear and resistance of a woman to denounce her abusive husband.

The soubrette, who denounced in past years that she was a victim of stalking, said: "For some time I did not know how to get help, luckily today there is a law on stalking, which has led to many complaints and arrests: it is a small I pass, but there is still a long way to go, ”he said.

In "Black Love" it is emphasized how often the family and society push women to hide violence. The new director Bova explained: "I wanted to show above all the mental violence that is suffered: the frustration of not being able to ask for help from anyone, the fear and loneliness in which these women find themselves", and Hunziker stressed that the most important thing is “Breaking the vicious cultural circle” in which women victims of violence often find themselves.

The 15-minute short, produced by the non-profit organization Mediafriends with Sanmarco, will be distributed on DVD by Medusa, until 30 June exclusively in Euronics stores, the proceeds of which will go to the Double Defense association. "Amore nero" also contains an interview with Hunziker and one with Bongiorno which explains the legal protection on the matter, will be on sale until June 30 only in Euronics large distribution centers, then in all Del Paeseni stores, and will be used to help 1500 women who turned to Double Defense.

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