Understanding if you are fertile, the basal temperature method

Basal temperature method

Also basal temperature varies during the cycle, and gives indications of ovulation or pregnancy, and this method is particularly useful when menstruation is irregular. When the egg is released from the follicle, there is a slight decrease in temperature, which is not felt by all women. It is more important that the temperature rises, as this indicates that ovulation has started in the previous twelve hours: This is the most common case, but in some women ovulation also occurs 5 days before the rise or up to 2 days after. Again, it is important to record the temperature variations for a few cycles, before you can really know your personal trend: the temperature gives a clear indication that you are in the period of ovulation, and by observing it for four or five cycles you get to know precisely the day of ovulation and intercourse can lead to conceive even during the second or third temperature peak.

The rise of 0,2-0,4 ° C can be sudden or gradual and is caused by progesterone in the blood. Towards the beginning of menstruation the temperature drops, while it remains high in case of pregnancy. The temperature should be measured every day with a digital thermometer, in the morning, in bed and before starting any activity. It is advisable to always have the thermometer, a pencil and a notepad on the bedside table (there are also ready-made diagrams). Beware of variations: if you wake up earlier than usual, the temperature may be slightly lower and changes in sleep, work shifts, travel, trauma, illness, or use of medications such as aspirin can occur. These variations should also be noted.

Scientific advice from, gynecologist and endocrinologist of the Maugeri Foundation,

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