Unexpected Pregnancies: Four Happy Ending Stories

Unexpected Pregnancies: Four Happy Ending Stories

Help, twins on the way - Angela, 32

"I am a multimedia communication expert. After a period of unemployment, I started my own business in January 2006. But I couldn't do much. A few days after I started freelance, my periods didn't come and so I did. the pregnancy test Positive result: I was pregnant despite the IUD.

For me it was like a slap, the timing couldn't be more wrong! I was upset and with my partner we talked for days about terminating the pregnancy. He was of this opinion and I too agreed even though I had many doubts.

After the gynecologist confirmed that I was expecting a baby, I decided: the ultrasound showed me the little life that was growing inside me and I didn't feel like destroying it! I told my partner that I would not have an abortion and that I was willing to carry on with the pregnancy even alone. He reacted splendidly. He said that he would never have imagined himself as dad, but that he would stay by my side and that he would do anything to be a good father.

The next week I had a doctor's appointment again. I had barely made up my mind and here came the second shocking news: in the ultrasound you could see two "green beans"! I came home destroyed: I never wanted twins! I could only think: does the bad news never end?

By now I was determined not to have an abortion, but I was not psychologically ready to put myself in the role of the future mother. I had always wanted a family, but later, after I had managed to establish myself at work. Our friends and families on the other hand were enthusiastic, much more than us, at times it was just funny. I admit that when I had losses in the eighth week I even thought: if I lost the children now it would not be so bad. Everything changed when I heard them move for the first time: the passive acceptance of destiny turned into an immense love.

My fear was enormous when I was hospitalized in the 27th week of pregnancy because the two girls shared the same placenta and the youngest was not receiving enough food. Fortunately, however, everything went well and on June 16, 2006, in the 28th week, I was given a caesarean.

Since then my girls have grown up very well. And all my worries turned out to be unfounded: life with them isn't as stressful as I thought. My work projects were also postponed a little bit, but I haven't given up at all. I hope that when the little ones are two years old we will be able to find a place in the nursery, to be able to return to work part-time. Then my partner is the best dad in the world and since last December also the best husband in the world! "

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