Urticaria in children: causes and remedies

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"First of all, it must be understood that theurticaria it is not a disease, but a symptom of the activation of the immune system. In practice, it is like having a fever: it is not a disease in itself, but it indicates that there is something wrong with our body. Therefore, it is necessary to understand what is the origin of this specific "manifestation." Marco Nuara, pediatrician and neonatologist of Humanitas San Pio X.

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How urticaria manifests itself

«Small dots appear on the skin of children the same as they appear when you touch the nettle, hence the origin of the name of the skin reaction. Depending on the stage, the dots can be isolated o confluent, More or less red, but generally we see a raised lesion of a lighter color than the rest of the skin surrounded by a red halo ».

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The injury is caused by the release of histamine, "a substance that causes swelling and itching."

Being a symptom, urticaria does not attack: it is not contagious. Another important feature is that it is temporary and yes move from one area to another: «it can be short-lived, leaves no marks and migrates to various areas of the body. This is why it is important to take pictures when the rash occurs and then show them to the pediatrician later on ».

Children's urticaria, causes

«Urticaria is the symptom of an activation of the immune system, the cause that triggers this reaction is however to be identified. Generally, we tend to think that it derives from a 'allergy, but it can also be caused by an infection or an autoimmune disease, that is, by something that stimulates the immune defenses ».

Therefore, in the event that the child is already ill and the urticaria appears «you should not worry because, most likely, the manifestation is linked to the infection already in progress. To confirm this, however, a visit to the pediatrician is always recommended ".

In the case of aallergyOn the other hand, it is not certain that it is easy to find the agent responsible for the urticaria. “You can be allergic to everything from dust to potatoes. And if it is true that there are alimony more allergy anti of others and histamine-liberating foods (such as canned food, tuna, strawberries, tomatoes, chocolate), I do not recommend creating lists with foods to avoid unless a visit to an allergist has been made. Visit which is good to do especially if theurticaria è recurring».

Hives children, how long does it last

«Se l 'urticaria è allergic, that is, it is linked to the fact of having come into contact with something that triggered the reaction, generally lasting just beyond the time of exposure to this agent. Disappears in 48 / 72 hours, even spontaneously, if you leave or when you stop taking the allergen ».

In the case of an infection, on the other hand, "the cause must be identified, treated and the urticaria will probably end with the exhaustion of the infection."

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Hives children, what to do

To cure urticaria it is good "avoid homeopathic treatments o natural remedies, of which there is no evidence of efficacy. Instead, you have to go to the pediatrician with the photo of the skin rash. Generally, a antihistamine which serves to remove the itch and then remove the cause that causes the urticaria, if identified, or treat the infection if the skin reaction depended on this.

Someone also prescribes the cortisone, «Which, however, is indicated only if the urticaria is associated with angiodema, which manifests itself with areas of edema, swelling. In other cases, cortisone risks prolonging the course and / or masking its true cause ".

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Questions and answers

How does urticaria manifest itself? 

Small dots appear on the skin of children, identical to those that appear when you touch the nettle, hence the origin of the name of the skin reaction.

What is the cause of hives in babies?

Urticaria is the symptom of an activation of the immune system. The cause that triggers this reaction is to be identified.

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