Vaccines: an amendment is ready that confirms the obligation to attend school


The majority has turned around on vaccines: in fact, an amendment is ready that confirms the obligation to vaccinate for the purposes of school attendance.

In particular, as reported by, the parliamentary majority is seriously considering the possibility of canceling from the so-called "Mille Proroghe Decree", under discussion in the Chamber, the amendment that would have eliminated the ban on enrollment in kindergarten and infant school for unvaccinated children and fines for those who enroll children without vaccinations in compulsory school.

The amendment had been tabled in Parliament some time ago by the same parliamentary majority and was harshly criticized.

Giuseppe Buompane and Vittoria Baldino, rapporteurs of the Budget and Constitutional Affairs Commissions, are examining the provision and could, shortly, give a positive opinion.

In the meantime, all over the country have been taking place since Tuesday checks by the Nas carabinieri in schools, in order to verify the documentation presented by families relating to vaccinations required by law for school attendance.

The purpose is to identify the falsifications of the documentation, both in the case of self-certifications and in that of certificates produced by the ASL.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Dem group in the Social Affairs Committee, Vito De Filippo, declared: "The M5s-Lega majority of the Social Affairs Commission proposed the deletion of paragraph 3 of article 6 of the law decree which provides for the extension of the vaccination obligation for school enrollment. It is a resounding reverse and of an extraordinary victory of good politics, science and common sense. Yesterday, during the hearings, the doctors, pediatricians and experts of the Higher Institutes of Health had contested the reasons for a choice that put children's health at risk. It is an important success achieved also thanks to the decisive contribution of the parliamentarians of the Democratic Party ».



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