Vegetarian dishes for children, from 2 to 99 years

Vegetarian dishes for children, from 2 to 99 years

If you like vegetarian cuisine, it's time to experiment with the most delicious and imaginative dishes. You can choose between the delicious 'Parisian' omelette with vegetables and cheeses and the burgers with multicolored lentils. For the very little ones you can cook Jerusalem artichoke porridge with potatoes and pumpkin soup in the michetta. Otherwise, among the most delicious recipes there are the savory muffin with vegetables, the farifrittata of chickpeas and courgettes, the potatoes with jacket and the egg side dish. For the Easter holidays the choice goes to the fantasy of hard-boiled eggs, while if you want to indulge yourself in 'visual food', you can cook 'the lawn with the story inside'! Here are the video recipes of the best vegetarian dishes that exist!

1) Vegetable and cheese omelette

What's better than an omelette with a slightly bavouse consistency, that is soft and not completely cooked to be completed with vegetables, cheese, ham or anything else we like? You feel a little bit in Paris in less than 15 minutes.

2) Vegetarian burgers with multicolored lentils

A practical recipe for preparing lentil-based veggie burgers. The mayonnaise is also homemade with natural white yogurt, seed oil, salt, lemon juice and turmeric.

3) Jerusalem artichoke soup with potatoes

For the youngest of the house we cook together a special baby food, suitable for the first months of weaning, which we can easily double, combining a few more ingredients and also offer adults for Christmas Eve dinner or Christmas lunch.

4) Pumpkin soup in the michetta

In twenty minutes you can prepare a soup served directly on the bread. Perfect for the whole family!

5) Salty vegetable muffin

A very good savory muffin with the surprise inside.

6) Fantasy of hard-boiled and non-boiled eggs, for Easter

Here is the fantasy of hard-boiled eggs and not just for Easter!

7) Potatoes with jacket and egg side dish

We prepare a recipe inspired by the Anglo-Saxon tradition, jacket potatoes. Very simple, fast, but very satisfying. With star-shaped egg outline. The filling is of your choice!

8) Farifrittata chickpeas and courgettes

An idea for dinner? Why not cook a delicious omelette with chickpea flour?

9) The lawn with the story inside

A creative recipe, based on very simple ingredients, to involve children in the kitchen. We need some ingredients and a lot of imagination!

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