Vip mothers 2022, who they are and when they give birth

Vip mothers 2022, who they are and when they give birth


Vip mothers, 2022 is expected to be very interesting for gossip fans. The famous pancioni are quite a lot and they promise to fill the news in newspapers, TV and social networks for several months. A little bit what has already happened last year, which was quite rich from the point of view of pregnancy with top mothers and babies. So today let's allow ourselves a little lightness and review some cover bellies, waiting to meet the babies. 

Vip Mothers 2022: Belen and love at first sight 

The scent of the news had already been in the air for some time. Belen Rodriguez will be an "encore" mother 7 years after her first pregnancy. The confirmation has recently arrived on Instagram: the beautiful Argentine, 36, is in her fifth month and is expecting a baby girl from her partner Antonino Spinalbese.  

Little Luna Marie (the name was kept secret for a while, but then the showgirl "confessed") will be born in the summer. She will be Santiago's little sister, which Belen had with Stefano De Martino. According to the couple, the one with the Spinalbese hair stilyst was a "love at first sight". They have only been together for a few months, but pregnancy was sought practically immediately. 

Vip Mothers 2022: Chiara Ferragni, the most social baby bump

Pregnancy almost winding down for the most famous influencer in the country. We have certainly seen all of the photo of the first born Leo with an ultrasound in his hand! And also the video in which the Ferragnez announced the happy news to the family last summer in Sardinia. This is undoubtedly the most social pregnancy: all of Chiara's physical changes - from tummy to belly - have been posted on Instagram, receiving millions of reactions and comments. 

A nice pink bow is also coming to the Fedez-Ferragni home, after the blue one in 2022. On that occasion, the Milanese entrepreneur was forced to rest a few weeks before giving birth due to problems with the placenta. Her Leo was born in Los Angeles, while the little girl will see the light in Del Paese. The expected date of delivery should be the month of March. Will it be Pisces or Aries? We will know soon!

Vip mothers 2022: "rainbow" pregnancy for Meghan Markle 

The last to communicate the sweet expectation were Prince Harry and his splendid wife, the American actress Meghan Markle. They did it with a romantic black and white photo on Valentine's Day. Second “ex Royal baby” for the couple after Archie, born in May two years ago.

A few months ago the prince and his wife left the United Kingdom and the comforts of palace life to move to Canada, giving up their royal privileges. The idea of ​​a new pregnancy had been around for some time and it was Meghan herself who told of having lived the experience of a miscarriage in July 2022. Yet, the two have not been discouraged and are now making their dream come true. .

Vip mothers 2022: Cristina Chiabotto mother of May

Seven kilos in seven months for the 34-year-old former Miss Del Paese. She has put on so many since the beginning of her pregnancy which should end in late spring. The presumed date is in fact scheduled for May 4th. And she too is expecting a baby girl: could 2022 be the year of her girls?

To announce their first pregnancy, Chiabotto and her husband, the manager Marco Roscio, waited for the sixth month and they too chose a black and white photo that portrays them together with the dog Paper. The two got married just over a year ago with a fairytale wedding in the palace of Venaria. The girl's room - strictly in pink - is ready. 

Mamme Vip 2022: Hillary Duff mamma “tris”

"We are growing! Especially me ... ". She wrote actress Hillary Duff to her 16 million followers in October last year showing her tummy. For her it is her third pregnancy, her second with her husband Matthew Koma. Duff is also the mother of Luca, aged 8, born from a previous marriage with Mike Comrie. 

A "young" relationship between the actress and Koma who got married on 21 December 2022, just 5 months after their engagement. Their first baby, Banks, turns two in October. The sex of the baby Vip is not yet known. We look forward to the surprise after giving birth!

Vip mothers 2022: delivery in sight for Tania Cagnotto

Although with a dazzling career and many goals still to be achieved, Tania Cagnotto had made it clear: I leave the world of sport to create a family. And so it was. After the firstborn Maya, the second princess of the house is about to arrive. The birth could be very close because the former diver said it would be in late February. So here we go!

Cagnotto, 35, revealed that perhaps the girl could be called Lisa, because that's what Maya calls her, born on January 23, 2022. The father is the husband of the former gold medalist, the accountant and skipper Stefano Parolin . The 37-year-old will soon be truly blissful among women. 

Vip mothers 2022: Emily Ratajkowski more and more top

The super supermodel from New York flaunts her soft and generous pregnant shapes with a nonchalance that - let's face it - is truly envious. During her pregnancy, now nearing the end, she showed off really chic outfits and didn't deny herself anything, not even the tightest dresses and the sexiest swimsuits. But if she can't afford them ...

The 29-year-old model announced her pregnancy from the pages of Vogue America. She is the first child of her that she will have from her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard and she was categorical of her: she would not reveal the sex until the birth. She and she managed to keep the strictest secrecy of her. 

Vip Mothers 2022: the sweet discovery of Beatrice Valli

How to turn an Ibiza holiday into a wonderful and indelible memory? With a pregnancy test positive for example. And that's exactly what happened to Beatrice Valli, former tronista of the show Men and Women. Her pregnancy crowns her dream of love with her partner, the manager Gianmaria Di Gregorio. Also in this case, the sex of the unborn child is highly protected.  

Before becoming pregnant, Valli had to undergo a series of tests and treatments. The first period of her gestation suffered from the classic symptoms, but she passed the third month of pregnancy began to get distracted with shopping. A bit like all mothers. 

Because, let's face it, when we wait for our magnificent creatures we are all a bit VIP. Regardless of what we do and where we come from, we have a special strength: to bring our children into the world. And this makes us unique and important. Best wishes to all of you, mothers, aspiring mothers and future mothers! 

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