Vocational institutes in crisis. Here are the jobs young people don't want to do

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Enrollment in all Del Paesene high schools was launched in January. It is still not possible to know with certainty which schools will be most popular with students for the next school year, but we can instead identify a trend: according to the latest data from the Ministry of Education, fewer and fewer children are enrolling in professional institutes. 

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More and more young people prefer the Scientific High School

According to the Miur report of June 2022, the high school path continues to be the preferred one with the 54,6% of subscribers. In the last three years, the scientific high school and the classical high school are preferred by many students: "if one in four children choose to study at scientific high school, the Applied Sciences option, with the8,2% of subscribers, is the one that records the greatest increase (+ 0,6% compared to 2022/2022); for the classical high school the share of new entrants is al 6,7%».

Furthermore, the preference for science subjects is also reflected in the growth in enrollment in technical institutes, arrived at 31%: the addresses of the "Technology" sector, with 19,7% of subscribers, are those that obtain the greatest interest.

Professional institutes in crisis

The inscriptions ai professional paths they turned out basse, with 13% of new subscribers. According to the Miur report, "in general, professional education is that which, in recent years, has significantly lost its attractiveness, recording a constant decline in enrollments".

Even the address of "Food and Wine" which, even if it is a favorite, especially in the southern regions of the country, loses 0,2%, while the choice of "Commercial services" (favored in the North) and di "Maintenance and Technical Assistance".

The registrations for the courses have also dropped "IeFP" (Education and Vocational Training) provided by schools in the form of subsidiarity in favor of those organized by regional training centers.

Jobs that kids don't want to do

But what are the least popular professions among kids? Also from the data of the Miur report it emerges that the least requested professional institutes are those with address "commercial fishing and fish production"And "environmental management and water remediation". Then follow those with address"Auxiliary arts of the health professions: optical" is "Cultural and entertainment services". 

The sector "Agriculture, rural development and enhancement of local products"remains stable, while the only (slight) growth was found in the area"Food and wine and hotel hospitality".

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