Walks with babies, yes thank you! Here are some tips


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Late May, mild temperatures, sun that fills the eyes and heart. And a wonderful puppy next door. Now there are no more excuses: green light to walks with babies! Even if you have recently returned home from the hospital and you have the idea that carrying them around is a bit premature, know that there is no contraindication to going out with our little ones. So, ready prams, comfortable shoes (for you) and off you go!

When can you go out with a baby?

Mothers often wonder about when to start walking with babies. Should you wait a week after being discharged from the hospital? Or will 10 days be better? Morning or afternoon? In reality, he never thinks about one thing: your child has already done his first stroll on his way back from the hospital. And maybe it was raining heavily! So you can easily take a walk in the park or go to visit grandparents or the pediatrician.

The problem more than anything else could be the mother: she could still be tried by the birth or maybe have the points of the caesarean that pull. Or she still has to adjust to the new feed-burp-diaper-bad night routine. So, as soon as you are ready and you feel like it, get out of the house! The walk will be good for both of you. It is not an obligation, but only a pleasure and must not be linked to specific times: you choose the best time, involving your partner whenever possible.

Walks with babies are also recommended in the winter season: no one forbids it (we had already written a post about going out with children in winter), but obviously in spring everything is easier: you don't have to wrap your baby up or worry about rain or wind .

Because walking with babies is good

Being outdoors is a panacea for everyone. For the child it is a way of starting to “discover the world” (don't think it is too small: any stimulus is important, even if he is only a few days old). For you, walking is a way to regain tone and improve circulation in your legs. The partner takes the opportunity to enjoy both son and partner.

Choose the best path for walks with babies

To make the walk really pleasant and healthy, here are some recommendations on the best route:

  • choose areas away from car traffic and not crowded: children are the most exposed to the damage caused by environmental pollution;
  • do not park your wheelchair on the sidewalk near a traffic light where the pollution from exhaust gases is highest: always stay a little further back;
  • get off the sidewalk first and only then the pram or pushchair;
  • in summer prefer shady paths and go out preferably in the cooler hours of the day (in winter do exactly the opposite).

Walks with babies in the car

In general, the little ones are very fond of car rides: for many, take a nap immediately. Of course, even for short strolls you absolutely must not forget the rules of the Highway Code regarding babies and children. From January 1st of this year, things have changed a bit (go and have a look by clicking HERE).

For infants up to 9 kilos, the seat or carrycot - which must be approved - must be mounted in the opposite direction to the direction of travel of the car. If the car is equipped with a front airbag, the child cannot travel in the front seat, even if facing the opposite direction. Alternatively, the airbag must be deactivated.

The most suitable place to put the seat is the rear seat in the center, which protects against possible side impacts. The seat belts must be fastened even for small movements and this also applies to parents.

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