Water Birth, the first app for a perfect water birth

    Water Birth, the first app for a perfect water birth

    Some of the most recent technologies land in delivery room for the benefit of women and staff sanitary. Through the use of modern devices, such as it SmartWatch and smartphone, the first starts today observational study on delivery in water in the complex operating unit of Obstetrics e gynecology dell 'ARNAS-Civico di Palermo. The goal is to provide the woman a tool di control of the contractions and beat cardiac, staying comfortably inside the tub for the delivery in water.

    In Del Paese, this one methodology di delivery it is always more appreciated, even if the percentages are a lot distant from those of others Countries, as the UK and North part Europe, where you also get to80 percent di women who choose to give birth in one tub. “For those who have travails long, with prolonged contractions it's a lot painful e annoying,water generates gods benefits incredible since i receptors level cutaneous delay the perception of pain level brain", He says Sara amato, coordinator of the midwives of the ARNAS-Civico.

    Water Birth is an iOS app made by Pharma Mum Of The Country. Through it SmartWatch pregnant which is preparing to give birth in water can register thestart and end of each contraction, also indicating theintensity (high, media o low), with a simple touch on device. In time real, medical staff e obstetrician can therefore check on smartphone la frequency duration andintensity of the contractions of the woman directly from tub and, at the same time, keep under control its heart rate, also taken over by SmartWatch, so you can notice any alterations. Thanks to Whatsapp you can also have one media of the contractions in different time frames (last 30 minutes, last Now, ultimate 12 o 24 hours).

    Il advantage fundamental to the pregnant is to remain immersed inwater, With benefits that this entails (contractions less painful, greater relaxation etc.). Water Birth instead it allows themidwife and gynecologist di to monitor step by step the various phases of delivery in water, Checking intensity e frequency of the contractions e beat cardiac.

    Lo study Sara made with the contribution unconditional of Pharma Mum Of The Country, who chose thehospital Palermo for quality e innovation. The hospital in fact it was one of the very first to acquire the tub for the delivery, from 2005, and already in the first 5 years 500 women in labor have benefited. In 2022 it was inaugurated the new tub.

    Each year, the ARNAS-Civic records approx 2.000 parts and 5-7 percent of those natural . water (obviously in case there are all condizioni necessary, such as the pregnancy physiological, the absence of diabetes gestational or of suffering fetal and so on).

    “We have been and we are the second center in Of the country by number of parts in water - says the professor Luigi Alio, director of the complex operating unit of Obstetrics e gynecology of the ARNAS-Civico -. We have been giving the possibility women di give birth like they prefer and delivery in water it is a practice that is spreading more and more. When we were offered the possibility di to monitor le contractions and frequency heart of the pregnant woman and to have with her ainterface so simple and objectivable, we decided to encode what is not known, or the release di endorphins which makes the pain more bearable".

    At the end of the search Whatsapp will be published in theApp Store. "ARNAS-Civico is a company that has always paid attention toinnovation, logistics e tecnologica - declares John Best, general manager -, especially in maternal-infant area where it is leader, thanks to the expertise of many professionals".

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