Water birth, what are the benefits

Imagine it like this: you are in one tub,water it is hot, 37 degrees, you are alone with yourself, you just need to get to know your baby, your partner caresses your head. The shine they are often suffused, in some centers there is also the music. And the contractions that until a second before they made you "dance" slowly soften and thewater allows you to indulge them, up to the time of pushed. Until the end, when the baby is placed on your chest. This means come into the world with sweetness with water birth.

This kind of delivery is perhaps the most natural that can exist because thewater it is the most important element of our life. Because? Because our body is made up of 60-70 percent of water and why our life begins in water, in that amniotic fluid that protects us.

For some years now, there have been many hospitals where they offer the possibility of birth in water. Find out if yours hospital is equipped and ask for advice from doctors and midwives. The condition, however, is one: there must be no complications.

You enter tub when the labor it is well underway, that is when the cervix has completely changed and the dilation phase has begun. The contractions they must be regular and intense. Basically, when you are in labor active.

The benefit will be immediate: i muscles they relax and the organism produces endorphins, natural substances with anesthetizing and muscle relaxant effect. It doesn't mean you forget the pain, but this becomes less intense. Other advantages are the reduction of the times of the labor and fewer episiotomies (yes, precisely that cut of the perineum which is made to facilitate expulsion and which is so feared by every “belly”).

Doctors can check the heart rate of the fetus through an immersion cardiotocograph.

Also Infants they will benefit from it. They pass by amniotic fluid towater area of tub, the temperature is the same and therefore they come into the world in a less traumatic way (many children do not even cry).

No problem with regards to hygiene: thewater it is changed and sterilized whenever necessary.

There are, however, some contraindications al birth in water, for example, maternal or fetal diseases, such as gesturesi,hypertension, suffering o fetal underdevelopment, high-risk pregnancies o hemorrhages.

To find out more, read the guidelines of theAogoi, the Del Paeseni Hospital Obstetricians and Gynecologists Association

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